Any Street Fighter fans from India?


just dont expect us to keep up with your GODlk skills.ok?



im from inside the us.
i belive god loves us all and we are all brothers and sisters.
thus we should all find a way to play together.

so, from the coast of california.
i wave hello bro. can we play some mvc2?
you can come here, or we can come to you.
be the peace you want to see.




That was a nice poem message whatever lol.

Anyway, I’ll try to find blur while I’m there.


thx. message me when you are in northern california. i’ll connect you.
if you’d like a visit also message me. if this message is not for you, then pls just ignore it.


dont ask for blur.ask for a theatre that goes by the name of “sathyam”.blur is a part of that.
also there is a street fighter 4 tourney which is going to take place at blur sometime in could perhaps take part and win the tournament for free.


sorry i didn’t make it out to the theater… I ended up going down to Mahabalipuram and chillin’ at the beach restaurants.


haha thats ok!
there is always a next time!


I am too, I have the game on my PC? Where can I find SF4 for the PS3 in Bangalore?


Hey guys my wife is Indian and we are planning a trip to India later this year. I am wondering if there are any gatherings that go on. Would really like to play some SSF4, MvC3, or MK9 while I am there.


Depends on where in india you are going…Here in chennai we do meet up at an arcade to play , but apart from Chennai the rest of india is mostly online sadly :frowning:


i play ssf4 and mvc3 on PSN. i live in new delhi
psn id h3kvus


Pakistani player who could use some practice in SSFIV: AE. Hit me up on PSN, my ID is NeroFrost ~


the connection between india and pakistan im afraid is really bad because of the political situation man.


Hi guys. I’m on holiday in Hyderabad at the moment. Where is the SSFIV: AE scene here? Is there a community of players I can hit up? Also if not and online is the only option available; which console would have the better online service/the largest player base? And finally would anyone be able to recommend a retailer (online or not) where I could pick up a console, a copy of SSFIV: AE and a madcatz TE stick? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


if there are any street fighter lovers in india still watching this post then im here who loves street fighter series like street fighter ex3, Capcom vs snk 2 and third strike


Dayum that necro bump. But yea , most of it is on FB groups nowadays.


Any peeps from India still playing here ? , join our new Discord Group.


just moved to hyderabad. can’t find any street fighter community. Please let me know if there are any meetups or where there is any arcade machine with any street fighter.


Look up Indian FGC on Facebook and join that.