Any Street Fighter IV gamepad previews or reviews out there?



Looking for more info than pictures for some friends of mine who really want oen of these pads.

are there any out there? I did a quick google search, but didn’t spy anything. also peeked in on and didn’t see any there.



dtampinco’s post on page 66 of the MadCatz stick thread (linked here) gives us a little hands-on review of the pads. And according to MarkMan, these things are supposedly equal in performance to the Sega Saturn pad (the smaller variety used in Japan or pad version 2 in America) with the physical size of an ASCII FT2 pad. I honestly don’t think we’ll be disappointed with these things.


I’ll post a preview after CES if I have time.


cool, thanks.


I look forward to it, MarkMan. As a pad player and a 360 owner, my whole SFIV experience is hinging on this.

D-Pad’s are the most nonstandard control scheme ever. You can throw any 4 direction button(s) down and call it a d-pad, but only a few have truly succeeded. I hope this received the same attention and thought as the arcade sticks. Here’s hoping.


I’m in the same boat as Crisium here. I’ll definitely have my PS2/PS3 Saturn pad solution up and running pretty soon thanks to the Saturn to PSX converter ReKleSS designed (still waiting on the microcontroller), but for 360, I’ve got nothing since the only lagless adapter for PS2 to 360 is, on top of being a ridiculous $90 and requiring a wired 360 controller to operate anyway, incompatible with digital-only pads. So, here’s me hoping that these pads really are as good as you say, since I’m gonna be picking myself up a 360 version.


When in doubt, by an arcade stick (or in my case, the pad and stick :rofl: )


Already got me a HRAP2:SA thank ye. :woot: The case is just too perfect for me. The weight and the slant of the panel fit me like a glove. I’m just curious about these pads since I perform just as well on pad as I do on stick, and I don’t plan on abandoning pad ever. Sorry MarkMan, but I don’t see me abandoning my baby for the new kid on the block. Don’t get me wrong though, those sticks look badass. Just that I’ve got plans for modding my HRAP2 in ways that I don’t think I’d be able to do as easily on your TE sticks.


are the ps3 versions of the pads wireless? amazon’s site states they are, but it also looks like some stock description and they have been known to be wrong. i have preordered a chun li one for my girlfriend since she hates using a stick (no jokes please :rofl: ) and that is literally the only person she will play with. she is a total button masher but can actually win some on psn and xbox live.


I’d like to know that too… it’s said elsewhere that the sticks are USB and will work on PC - it’d be great to know if the pads also worked on PC?


The 360 pads and sticks will ALWAYS be compat w/ Windows right out of box.

PS3 pads/sticks will need drivers to be downloaded to work.

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PS3’s are Wireless, XBox360’s are wired, from what i’ve read in the other thread


I think you got that wrong.

MOST PS3 sticks/pads that are USB wired (exceptions being FS3) are HID compliant and will work out the box.

360 pads/sticks may require the official MS drivers.


agreed. my 360 pad/sticks need drivers.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.
Though Ironic, since MS products should automatically work with a MS OS.


I’m currently playing SF4 on PC keyboard and I was thinking about using a gamepad. So I have a few questions:

  1. Is it really better than keyboard (in terms of precision, speed, comfort)
  2. Any recommendations? I’ve heard about Mad Catz FightPad - is that any good?


I have the MadCatz gamepad. It’s a considerable step up in terms of precision and comfort over the Dual Shock 3 PS3 controller. I would imagine that it would be a HUGE improvement for you, if you are using a keyboard.

I’d say the MadCatz Fightpad would be a good choice, or you can opt for a Saturn USB controller.