Any street fighter players in the asia area preferrably japan

i have a tough time finding ppl from jp thought i try here also im new here

im on psn

good luck finding water in the ocean

Abelity OK-good Abel player

yea I’m in the asia area, just look me up on PSN. Maybe we can get some matches in soon.

hey i added you i thought there would be more ppl here oh well

my psn is koko-bandit but i cant really play any one from the states cuz its kinda laggy so unless u dont have a problem with that feel free to add me

I’m in Japan too. My psn is the same as my name.


im pretty sure there are no street fighter players in asia. especially japan.

I too brang along my ps3 in the asia region, so while my flag is under U.S. the connection is good esp with Japan, China, Hong Kong and sometimes Korea. Im currently vacationing in the Philippines…so if you want to have casuals

get at me - PSN Rocknflip

alright i added you rocknflip anyone else in the asia area also i’ll be leaving this place soon so if anyone from europe who frequently plays ssf4 wants to add me go ahead cuz i’ll be there soon