Any street fighter players in the Denver CO. area?


I just moved to Denver looking to find if there is any kind of street fighter players around here or if there is a place they play.


I just moved to Denver on May 11, and I play pretty hardcore. Also looking for offline play in the area. Lemme know!


where about the denver area do you live? I would like to get some games in soon. Have you been to safe house yet?


yo let’s set some casual matches up! i need to get better!


Hey guys! Originally from France but I’ll be in Denver from June 24th till august and I’ll also be attending Evo so if anyone of you guys wants to practice hit me up.
I tried to find out if there’s a Colorado scene but it seemed to be mainly a KoF one with the guys at Kings of Co.


Hey would you be down to meet up and play one day? I have a not too laggy setup at my apartment, or we can find somewhere else. The aurora mall tilt arcade has an arcade marvel setup so I’m still waiting to play someone on that haha


HI! Perhaps I should have precised that I only play Street Fighter. But apart from that I’d be down to play yeah. I’ve found out that there’s a weekly in a place called the Safehouse so I’ll probably hit that when I arrive and see what’s up.


Yes, I am in Boulder! Let’s meet up for some play.
My stick only plays on PS3 & PC but I might get a Razor stick for multiple system use.


Ok, so I’ll probably go to Safehouse friday so let’s meet up there I guess. Or I’ll hit you up when I’m in Boulder.


Alright I work until 5 but I will try to find the location & make it down f’sure!


Says it is StarCraft night tonight.
Does Safe House Gaming have Street Fighter every night or just specific nights?
Also when I go to google the place it says it is a Grow house supply store.
Is this the same building or is the grow house store still there?


Oh sorry bro. Apparently Street Fighter is Thursdays and I missed it :confused: As far as safehouse is concerned I really don’t know anything about it haha. I know it’s on west West Colfax, never been there yet.


Ah, good thing I didn’t go last night then.
Yeah, I read that on there site.
Thursdays would be difficult for me to get down there.


I went to safehouse and it’s pretty damn cool. FGC nights are thursday, friday, and sometimes saturday so just go and you will basically always have at least something to play. Lots of west coast guys for marvel and sf so its pretty nice. I’m definitely gonna be a regular there!


I am strictly a Street Fighter player soon to be KoF & SF.
But you say they have street fighter on Friday’s?