Any Strider Hiryu fans?


I am a huge Strider fan and if you ask me capcom does not do enough with his character. Do any of you know how we can get capcom to do something more with his character. I think a good start would have UDON make a comic on Strider just like the legends of Chun Li. Any suggestions?


It has come up before but it is very difficult.

Capcom themselves does not fully own the rights to the character. In short they went to Moto Kikaku, a Japanese manga company to create the character for them so Capcom can make a game. So Moto Kikaku owns Strider, or better put, Capcom ‘partially’ owns Strider but Moto Kikaku has final say on anything Strider related. Capcom can’t just up and make another Strider game, Moto Kikaku has to sign off on it.

That’s why every single game Strider is in (except for his appearance in Ken’s SFA2 Background for some reason) Moto Kikaku gets credited right there in the title screen of the game. This is even the case in games like Namco x Capcom and SVC Card Fighters Clash, the Moto Kikaku logo is right there at the start.

Rey of Studio Udon (Rival Schools comic) has mentioned Strider in the past, once on this very forum. He said he was a huge fan of Strider and would kill to do his comic. But Erik Ko (AKA Udoneko) told him that Strider was the most complicated license that Capcom had.

For the demo of MVC2 for PS3, Rey was asked why did they use Ryu, Chun-Li, and Strider for the Capcom side. Ryu got in because he was Ryu. Chun-Li got in because her Hollywood movie was making the rounds. Strider got in the demo SOLELY because Rey is a big fan of Strider. Yeah you can guess why Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine got in on the Marvel side. Spidey and Wolvie are really popular and IM has become popular after his movie.

So for now all we have is the fifth MVC2 episode with Strider and Spider-Man from Udon. It would be great if Udon were to work something out somehow and make a Strider comic but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

There is a Strider manga out there from Moto Kikaku that you can see online. No translation though, but the plot is more or less the same as the NES Strider game (not to be confused with the arcade game) if you played that at the very least. The manga below is featured from an all around great Strider website created by SRK member Scion238. :smile:

Yeah even a translation of the manga from Udon would be pretty cool at the very least. I would buy that in a heartbeat. :wink:


Damn. That sucks capcom has to go through so much legal shit to just have his character in a game. You would think Moto Kikaku would let capcom make a 3d game and comic based on his character for the simple fact Strider has potential written all over him. I could see Strider getting bigger than mega man but that is just my opinion. Well if at all possible tell the guy from udon if he ever shows up again to keep pressing the issue on making a comic of strider. The artist who draws the SF2turbo comics will bring his character out to his fullest when it comes to the look. I know it will do well. Hell I would like to see a Strider game based on the ninja gaiden sigma 2 engine or DMC engine. But only time will tell.

Thanks for the heads up


Wait I thought Strider the manga was made 1st?


I don’t recall the timing, which came first the arcade game or the manga but Strider in itself, the manga and the games were always a collaboration between Capcom and Moto Kikaku. They made the manga and Capcom made the arcade game and the NES game. A cross promotion stunt if you will.


Striders looks in the Marvel Vs. Capcom series is awesome. Capcom should do a new game on him.