Any T.Hawk pros in tournys

Just curious to see if anyone has been reppin da chief in tournys lately. I check my subs to FrameAdvantage, Levelup and EventHubs but he seems to be unpopular in my eyes. The only other pro I know is Mike Ross, but if there are more let me know.


I think he starts playing at 58:00 and again around 1:17:00 and I think he plays a couple more times.

thanks for posting this, those 2 t hawk matches were really good

yeah, that was a great fight. in the second game, chun’s U2 whiffing and getting punished by ted’s U1 was classic. that took more than 50%! crazy shit.

this ted used a good mix of ground and air. he stuck mostly with st.lp and and also snuck in some useful CDs. i don’t recall seeing any of his CDs getting blocked. some CDs where 50/50 guesses on wake-up but he won all of them. good stuff here.

[EDIT] - BTW, Same T.Hawk plays a guile around the 1:17:00 minute.

Hilarious that those commentators said “the japanese ranked t.hawk as no future”.

this generation of terrible street fighter players is so fucking funny

“if you know how to zone him out with your normals it becomes very hard for t.hawk”

even though hawk has some godlike normals. just because nothing with him is abusable instantly means hes a bad character.

Well, they’re correct in speaking of Balrog’s jabs. They disrupt Hawk siginificantly.

Balrog’s jabs do that with most other opponents. It’s just a different matchup for Ted vs Balrog.

Actually I feel bad for t-hawk VS charge characters. It is extremely difficult to get in. I was very surprised hungbee beat the guile. That was crazy.

That guile didn’t have good AA and didn’t defend the cross-overs well. He could have ex-flashkick on some cross-overs to escape the corner and reset the match to a sonic-boom fest.

Gridman plays Hawk, at least he does on the weekly streams, whenever he shows up. hes got a pretty damn beast Hawk too

Thanks man. Im gonna hopefully go to a gathering tomorrow night with some decent heads. They usually stream so if you guys want I can post it here.

streaming now

BTW That Guile player at 1:17 in that video is a regular at a SoCal arcade. I’ve played him the last few weeks and he usually dominates the machines. He did 45 in 0 two weeks ago.