Any tech savvy bay area people?

I need help with my UPCB from toodles. The joystick is done and works great on PC, but it won’t boot in xbox mode (holding fierce/roundhouse while plugging the USB in). It just gives me a USB device not recognized message on the PC, and a “Please re-connect a controller to continue” message on my 360.

Anyone versed with these things that can take a look at my pcb and figure out where I went wrong? I’ll be able to take pictures in about 4 hours, but I figure if people are willing to help beforehand, it’ll be much easier.


I might be able to help if you’re ever in the east bay, I have a upcb with a 360 pcb wired up to work with it. If everything looks like it’s soldered fine, it might be a problem with the security chip on the 360 pcb. Otherwise, it also might be that the top part of the 16 pin connector isn’t clamped down all the