Any tekken 4 players here? pls help

tekken 5 is coming out soon, and im preparing for the game, but im also picking up a character to use, since i never really played tekken much.

im going to pick up cristie. but my question for tekken 4 right now is, is there a way to stop those annoying jab spamming? jab jab jab jab jab jab… grrrr. or better yet what tools does cristie have to prevent those annoying jab spam?

thaks in advance.

personnally the main reason i stopped tekken4 was that i could be beaten by beginners that just exited themselves on buttons… so i can’t help you,but i strongly understand your problem…

Don’t start with Christie, the game is dominated by Jin, Lee, and pokers. How to beat jab spammers? I am still shocked as to how many players complain about it when you can crouch, and then launch with a good WS move or just crouch jab. They only get you with that stuff because you are being either too predictable or are not playing smart enough. Christie is alright, but if you are new to the game, Jin, Paul, Nina, or Heihachi would be your best bet for starting out.

Just make sure you don’t pick underwear Heihachi… it may end your tekken career earlier when forced to view the old man flop about the ring…

fufufu,you’ve got a point…

BIG BAD MOG kaz is good too to start.and in my opinion steve is the strongest chat of the game.but it’s just me…jin and lee are really good too,i agree.

Kaz is not too bad, but to really rip out that shit with him, you have to know his EWGF 'cuz that’s where you bring the damage home, and you have to know his capabilities after all those crumple stun moves. It’s also important to use his abilities that may seem scay to use like the 6RK. Steve is crazy, yes, but he isn’t as crazy as Jin.

I’d say you should just stick with trying Jin…it doesn’t take much effort to win with him in a number of cases. It’s like the whole 3s Chun Li priority crap made 3d. Jin’s great against jabbers, just do his parry, b+1+2, it pushes shit to the side and guarantees an electric uppercut if you’re quick enough. Or you can just do crouching jabs or 6rk which is ridiculous cuz it stuffs so much shit.

Try doing b, f+2,1, d+2, diagonal df+4. Good beginner’s combo…very easy, very reliable, and bites off health like a saigon whore.

well ive played tekken 4 before, just not as heavily as other people did, ill say my skills are just intermediate.

i was more into soul calibur and mvc2 at the time, but my characters were nina and astaro… errr scratch that… marduk :p. but now that i wanna get into it since tekken 5 is coming out, new fighting game to get into yeeeeeey!!! well since no one in my area plays as cristie, then i wanna pick her up. she doesnt seem that bad as everyone makes her sound to be. (by the way i like characters that not alot of people actually use, but when people use those characters heavily or those characters are way too common i strt to lose interest… dunno why :frowning: ) but oh well… so just crouch and jab, to stop annoying standing jab spamming?

okay, thanks for the input people!

There are very few good Christie users (Venom, QBert, Dave, xx)

Steve is anti-Jin… (also his f+1 is a mid hitting jab).

Jin is… t00 g00d.

Paul is also good… JF that shit down.

Nina CAN be really, really good (watch Tom Hilfiger matches).

Lee is tight, but has a very steep learning curve.

and mark my words… Marduk will be the shit in Tekken 5. I’m hella using that guy! launch and jailstep combo (assuming he still has it), into airthrow will be too good… along with option select on their wakeup. And now that 8 frame jabbers can’t own him as easily, ala TTT play system where you’re actually pushed back on a block…

oh, and I hope they bring T.Ogre back. =)


SCRUB ALERT!!! Are you serious about learning Tekken 4? well then, learn the game my friend. Yea Jin is top tier but people have found ways to contain him, he is not as strong as we was a year ago. Just look at the recent Electic Cancel 5 results. The top 10 only had like 3 jin’s. The rest pure other characters.

Tekken 4 does rely more on jabs than TTT, but it doesn’t necessarily mean all fights get borig. Learn JF’s and pickup on 1,2’s and you will see how to stop jabs with crouching and stepping. For more help click this stupid ass link

I reccomend you start with Paul, Kazuya, or Heihachi.

First off Christie/Eddy is a great character, the top 3 players that use them (that I know of) are Q-Dog/Venom/and a very old school Seattle player named Rob. It dosen’t matter who is top tier in Tekken 4, Christie can hold her own.

Another thing is that Tekken 4 sucks donkey balls!

Tag>Tekkn4, thank you!

If you whold like to get into the Tekken scene and don’t know what Tekken to pick up on I’d say start with Tag. From what has been told thus far Tekken 5 will be more like Tag then Tekken 4 which I think is fucking GREAT!

There will no longer be position switch bullshit!
The combo/juggle system will be like Tag and NOT like Tekken 4!
There will be walls but that aslo will be being tweaked a bit, probaly so there won’t be any infinates and such.
They are also going to tweak w/the animation of throws and throw escapes so someone can’t backdash all damn day and for position frame advantage.

If you have any more questions about this shit then ask, peace.

if you wanna win then pick jin, his best/broken moves are:

2,1 - 10 frame jab, second hit is mid, +1 advantage on block
2,1, ss, 2,1, ss… - beats a lot of scrubs
JFLS - guarenteed half the life bar, if blocked stop after the first 2 moves as you are only on -2 disadvantage. low risk very high reward move.
WS+2 - one of the best ws moves in the game, launches for juggle.
1,2,3/4 - use on scrubs only 'cos half decent players will avoid this easily
b+2+4 - his parry is the ultimate punisher, long recovery moves can be punished with jfls, most can be punished with 2,4, ff, d+4.

really basic juggles:
jfls, 1,2,3, d+4
ws+2, 1,2,3, d+4
cd+4, f+4

should be enough for a bit.

go to 'cos that’s where the best US players are.

ducking usually helps lol

yeah if you wanna lose half your energy against some characters.

i was just replyin to what he said about jabbing… .hei and kaz can kill characters that jab alot… .ws+2’s… .steve can be a problem wit that gay f+1 jab tho… .

With Christie b+4 gets a CH quite often, even against jabbers. Plus it has some funky ass properties vs jins LS, good properties. If spaced right, I like to hunt with b+4. d+1 can slow down pokes, but shit gets you owned after a while. Her relax shit is iffy, you can get raped with some major oki if you don’t know wtf your doing, but can still give you some juice to play with. Like wise, d/f+2 can get you good oki options, but the space it gives for such options kinda eh. Also, ws+1,3~3, I think is all gauranteed on CH, not sure though :confused: . Maybe someone can confirm?

I personally like hunting with b+4, d/f+2, and a bit of mix up with the various relax ins - d/f+3, etc… But, meh, I’m not a christie jocker. I’ve seen vids of peeps who whore the fuck out of FC+3, seams to be affective. So you can mix between FC+3, d/f+3…, d/f+2… meh.

actually now im hearing that she sucks coz you can jump over half of her attacks, and punish you from behind. but i dont think thats true at all specially if you mixup quite well and dont get too predictable. whoch is what you should be doing in the first place.

but yeah no one in my area likes her nor thinks that shes good, they think that “allright” is the most that she can be. i dunno, i guess i dont have much tekken experience yet, but i really do think that shes a good character, unlike how people say shes not.

Well you shouldn’t give up on learning a character just cuz people say he/she isn’t that great. I remember back when t4 was still in its prime my friends went to play at chinatown fair. There was this dude from Japan, who supposedly just got off the plane from what my friends told me when conversing with him, playing with christie. My friends are pretty good tekken players and none of them could take this guy out. They don’t even remember what this guy did…figures:bluu: but all they remembered was that he didn’t let them get up from the ground as much, played a very demanding ground game, and had a solid knowledge of many of her moves. Mind you my friends played with characters who are considered top, such as the mishimas. I wouldn’t give up so easily just cuz people here are telling you otherwise…do your thing.

christie is like t4 bruce. if you get a ch ws+2, you get mad free dmg. try out iWS+2’s on the ppl you are getting jabbed by and see how that works for you.

i read it was ws+1 from someone else. im talking about the launcher, i haven’t played t4 in so fucking long. my arcade is gone.

Tekken 4 is horrible, its not worth playing unless you pick Jin or Xiaoyu.

Paul is the easiest character to learn in any fighting game ever. Just repeatedly do 236r.punch and you will beat 90% of the people who play this game including veterans because the move is unpunishable and if it gets a counter-hit it’s practically full life bar; if you planned on playing a second game it will probably take off life from the next character selection.

Mainly I’m pissed because Bryan can’t hold his own in T4 like he could in TTT. In T5 he better be in the God Tier like Jin is now.