Any texarkana folk out there?

Couldnt find a texarkana thread on here, so i was just seeing if there was any texarkana folk here on SRK.

Im starting a saturday night fight night here in t town. Let me know whats up guys.

I use to live in Bowie County TX about 20 yrs ago. De Kalb, New Boston, Hooks, dose that count?

you just might have to look around other towns nearby. Hit the streets first (GameStop, arcades, Game Crazy) and see if anyone is familiar with SRK and etc… from there, you can gather some people up and start getting together as opposed to everyone not knowing anyone else plays and stick to online.

well, i pretty much know most people here in town. i run our get togethers on saturday nights.

I was just thinking that MAYBE there was a straggler on here that I hadnt met yet. oh well.

That is a good idea tho. Im good friends with the GM’s of most the gamestops in the area. I think Ill make flyers for my saturday night gatherings and take them up there. Thanks for inspiring that idea!

Your welcome. Though with GameStop, if it isn’t part of marketing, most likely it will not be allowed to get put up. Every inch of the damn store has a price on it (vendors spot for marketing purposes) I’m a former GS Store Manager and was not allowed to put up my own flyers! So, it has to be kept like behind the counter to be handed out or spread through word of mouth.

Here’s what I’d do: Make manual size flyers… insert them in every used fighting game case on the sales floor. That way, when they get their game(s) they’ll see your flyer and will be interested. Leave a link for them to find their way here (SRK). :tup: <damn… I should have thought about this sooner!

I live in Conway, however, I am from Ashdown. So maybe next time I’m there I can get in touch.

It’s almost here, sign up now!
Central Texas Brawl

as I mentioned in the Arkansas thread, I’m within 40 minutes of Texarkana. I’m a little scrubby on fighters, but willing to learn.

deezee great matches tonight man. good to meet you i hope to get to play you next time you are down or we are over or whatever. but your crew was looking good anyways man hope you guys had as good a time as i did.

You live in Conway? You need to play with us at our get togethers. We have a big group that play here.