Any thoughts from the recent trends of FG guesting, if would applied to other future FG franchises


Guys any thoughts from the recent trends of other fighting games franchises for importing and guesting external franchise characters rather than directly doing crossovers?

Since it been done in other FG franchises like Soul Caliber and MK has been doing this regularly in their modern titles
while Tekken has adopt this recently with Akuma the same with DOA has Mai and Virtua fighting guys.

What if it would be done on future fighting game franchises titles… if given a chance who would be your preference and why? ,
[] Give 2 Characters that you would like to appear in a specific other fighting games franchise that you like.
] Give at least 2 characters from external franchise that you would like to be included in a future fighting game franchise.


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Nigga, no whishlist threads, is on the rules.


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Personally, i don’t like when the crossover character follows different rules from the game they’re doing the crossoving and when a crossover character is now a fundamental part of the lore.
So, strictly as a casual player, i’m not really a fan of Akuma in TK7.


The same i feel of akuma in Xmen COTA

Me either kinda alienates the ways it should have been played. that’s why they need to be careful on choosing whom they would put in.

I guess the most liked is Link that has been perfect fit for Soul Calibur as an import because his integration of special moves is made from scratch like mostly done by MK and KI to their guest characters.


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That said, here’s something that might interest them.


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I dunno about this one scoob. Usually when a character guests in another game, they usually play differently. I loved Ryu in MVC3, but he doesn’t really play like his SF counterpart. I think the reason why guesting in MK has been received so favorably is because the horror movie characters don’t need to play a particular way. As long as they have a few signature moves from the movies they come from, fighting game and movie fans can both rejoice.

I mean I like Tekken and Guilty gear, but how could these characters ever retain their style and fight fairly as guests? Guilty gear is a technical, heavy combo game with air dashes and roman cancels. Tekken is about mind games and mix-up, and has an entire extra dimension of movement.

I can see the advantage of having guests instead of doing a full blown crossover. The main game plays pretty much the same, which keeps fans of said game happy. They also don’t need a weird story to bring everyone together, because it’s just going to be a few characters making a guest appearance. The company that created the main game will also get a few extra customers from fans of the guest characters. The company who created the guest characters, if not the creator of the main game, will also get some exposure.

…But I think the excitement this generates is short lived. People might enjoy the guest character, but would be reluctant to learn them because they will likely vanish from the roster when the next game rolls around. That would be particularly painful to fans of the guest character.


I’d have liked to have Shantae and Risky Boots playable in my game but that’ll never happen now~

Provided it gets off the ground, I do have others from a different fighting game in mind…


@DeeQue Agree they don’t need really stories other than brilliantly written plots and intentions to be into the cast, I used to remember MVC2 till now has a very little known explaination of whatever was it that cause everyone to be in conflict, it was kinda even a different event from its previous game MVC game.

it doesn’t really be bother if someone would invest on playing a guest character even if that character more likely not pass through the future sequel since every version of Ryu or Chun li from past SF2 has change their combo ability and tactics for every series what just remains was their special moves.

That case is also applied with the characters that is part of the main franchise but never gets a chance to be part of a new sequel of the franchise, because what matters is solely the current game itself that they are guest, The only probable problem is when the character guest in that game is a exclusive to particular console this would be literally and likely a waste.