Any thoughts on a "FINAL FIGHT" spin off or something?


**sorry i know i’m being kind of selfish, but cody’s my favorite character and i can’t wait to see him. but him and guy are before the street fighter 2 tourney. thus i’m starting to doubt that they will ever truly make an appearance. so, how bout a final fight book.

ABASI!** :smiley:


I think it’s a good idea, I think it would be great if Udon did a mini series for Rival Schools & Final Fight & whatever else can help develop the ties between the character histories. For Rival Schools it’s just a matter on Sakura but for Final Fight there’s Hugo, Guy, Sodom, Cody, Rolento, (Maki?) etc yeah good idea.


I don’t think Udon would be able to pull off a Rival Schools mini-series because Dreamwave already has the rights to it… along with a slew of other Capcom titles


I knew someone had started Devil May Cry & DarkStalkers but I didn’t know that, has this started yet, have I missed out? Sorry to go a bit off…


Just a quick answer: The Rival Schools comic hasn’t been released yet, or as far as I’ve seen over here, and it seems like its now only going to be one comic now unforantly, not an on going series. I believe Dreamwave are releasing it - the same ones who released The Megaman comic series and Maximo comic - but thats off the top of my head and could be wrong. They’re also planning no doing a 4 part darkstalkers comic as well.

To answer the orginal question:

Hell Yeah! I’d love to see some sort of cool Final Fight spin off. Following Cody from his prison break seems like a pretty damn awsome idea to me, to running into old enemies to a rather heated meeting with an old friend. I don’t personaly have a favorite between Cody and Guy, just think they’re both awsome in there own right (Grah, now I sound like a screaming fanboy. EEEE).

So yeah, sounds like a good idea to me. shrugs Happens or not I don’t know though.


I really hope they do Final Fight as an arc in the SF comic but I don’t know if it’ll happen.



I actually want to see a Final Fight comic being released, sounds really good. Hopefully Udon could do it somehow.


yeah or they could make one lil comic at the end like the “fun” ones they got now. instead they could make one of final fight in one comic and the next has a saturdaynight slam masters story (with birdie and tim) and one of sakura and her rival school friends and so on.


i dont like anyone from final fight except Guy and Maki. speaking of which, they should bring Guy back and improve his move list…


**it’s good to know i’m not alone in this idea. hell, i think they should let the street fighter comic build somemore and develope a solid financial standing first. but i’m so impressed with the sf comic that i want final fight so bad. but then again i doubt it. maybe we should start a small poll. i mean if the fans really want it they would be foolish not to do it, right?

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I wonder how much a Final FIght comic would sell, though…


I’ve often thought about a Final Fight storyline following Cody being thrown in Jail, then escaping. (One of the SFA3 flyers features Cody punching through a brick wall of some sort, so I assume he simply punched his way through his cell wall)

Anyways Cody is a much more interesting person since he has inherent character flaws which caused him to lose his g/f and get thrown in jail (it’s still unclear what for exactly, whether caught brawling or actually killing someone).

He feels more like a Ryu/Ken gone wrong, a more tragic character which enough backstory there(comprising of Mad Gear) to keep the story going.

If you want to know more about Cody’s storyline, you should play the Final Fight Advance version, it has a reworked storyline which adds a bit more depth to the relationships between the characters when you realise Cody loves fighting so much, he could just have easily been a member of Mad Gear.


didnt he uppercut the last boss of FF1 threw a window?:smiley:

which killed him?


I don’t know if it’d be a profitable idea from Udon’s viewpoint. Street Fighter already has a huge fanbase, while Final Fight and Rival Schools are less known… I’m not even sure what the hell they are to be honest.



A Final Fight comic would be very awesome, but I can imagine it getting butchered quite easily. It would be cool to see one done by Nakahira Masahiko, but I guess that’s just a dream.



It could sell I think. But it would have to be a small series, 2-3 issues and it would need promotion and cameos from SF’s.