Any Tips For A Stubborn Balltop?

In my 15 years of fight stick collecting/modding/changing parts, I’ve never quite come across a balltop as stubborn as the one on this Qanba Q2 Pro. I’m a big guy, 6’4" 220, work out 5 days a week…I’m busting blood vessels in my head trying to get this balltop loose. It’s to the point now where the slot for a flat head screwdriver is starting to strip/get worn down.

Any tips my fellow tech friends?! I feel like the balltop is cemented in place.

(and yes, I’m turning the right way :slight_smile:

Lube it, and heat it up.

Heating would make the metal expand, no?

I actually thought about heat but was wondering the same thing…


how bout 2 vice grips for better leverage?

edit: or just replace the shaft and top :slight_smile:

Go to the auto store and buy some shit called Deep Creep, by SeaFoam. It will get in the threads and lube it up.

kick it in the balls?

or you could lay some towels down, put the ball and stick ball side down in it, then gently tap the flat head side with a hammer. try to loosen up the threads.
(GENTLY you dont wanna bust your ball)

generally that works on stubborn screws that wont budge, but i used to hammer the screw driver like im chiseling

That’s actually the best method now.

First, take off the e-clip and take out the entire shaft + balltop so you can really work on it (don’t lose the spring, actuator, etc.)

Instead of using a screwdriver, try using the smooth end of a butter knife or something similar, so you’ll get better leverage on the shaft. On the balltop end, try wrapping a few rubber bands around it (snugly) for a good grip.

Heating it up might help too, it’ll probably get looser as it cools down afterwards.

Worst case scenario, you can get a vice grip with some rubber placed between the shaft and the grip, and clam down on the shaft.

Use a strap wrench with some rubber material placed on the inside as a buffer and attach it to the balltop. Ideally you won’t mar any of the surfaces, but if you’re having that much trouble, you might have to.

Use penetrating oil where the ball top and shaft meet. PB Blaster or Liquid Wrench has worked well in the past. Just make sure to leave it on for at least 10 minutes to make sure it capillates.

I have had this happen to me aswell and it was soo fustrating. I decided to do as advised above and remove the entire shaft. Get some penetrating lube (lol) used to free up rusted threads and let it soak in for a while. I then got a pair of locking pliers and really clamped it tight. Next step is to take pre-work out drink and go for that one rep max of turning it anti clock wise. I just about managed to get the balltop off and I felt my rear delts, lats and forearms were on fire by the end of it. not to mention the palms of my hands were like I had dead lifted 500kg (not that I can do that). Once I got it of I couldn’t see any thread lock on it or nothing which was bizarre. It must have been tightened by the hands of God or something because that ish wasn’t normal. Oh, I also tried heating the shaft up and it does help a little but dont burn your hands afterwards like I did, lol.

you could also take the shaft out like they said above, put the shaft end in a power drill, the ball end in a vice, and let it rip in reverse. probably protect the ball in a towel or something if you intend to keep it.

Thanks everyone, a combination of all the advice here worked like a charm (as you can see from the profile pic!)…
I ended up just using soapy water to lube the shaft (WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT!!!) wrapping rubber bands around the ball top, then clamp locking pliers around the ball/rubber bands, twisted off pretty easily after a few minutes of letting the soap do it’s work…

this made me laugh man, thanks for that LOL. i was definitely feeling the burn in my forearms and shoulders from this. i kept saying “how the F_CK is this on here so tight?!! is it some new method that Qanba is using? is this even a screw on ball top???” i really thought they invented some new crazy one piece shaft/balltop combo.

The first time that I took apart a stick, I tried to ‘unscrew’ the shaft and torqued the bottom off instead.

I once had to remove a shaft superglued to a ball top. Stuck the shaft in a wood vise, and then used a wood clamp, cut up mouse rubber on the ball top. It will either remove the ball top or snap the shaft.

Oh shit, curlbro detected.


I never had a problem removing ball tops. But I had a lot of trouble removing the screws from the JLF mounting plates because of the locktite. I have completely grind anyway the screw heads trying to remove them.

All I’m going to add is:

Don’t bother trying to remove the balltop from a Datel ArcadePro.

lol! I thought I was the only one who struggled with them.