Any tips for an ok player

so ive been playing sf and other fighters since i was about 5 im 22 now and ive been playing ssf4 since its release. as of the last 3-4 months ive been taking the game more serious now. i main ken but need some help. i need combo help and fdc help. any tips for me?



There is the Ken subforum with info for Ken players…

after a whiffed light shoryuken, throw out another one if they try to punish.

keep repeating this process to mindfuck them.

here’s a tip: don’t shit on someone who gives help unless they say something profoundly troll-like (and even then you shouldn’t out of respect). Valiantheart’s tip doesn’t sound very helpful but doing what you just did just makes you come across as a dick and then you’ll get the entire forum coming down on you.

in case you dunno here’s the basics:

  1. learn how to fight. you say you’re a decent player so im pretty sure you have some idea already. jab, meaty, & high priority attacks for poking… not sure if i can say this for certain but i think meaty > jab > high priority > meaty. compensate for whatever you lack, fight against others using the ones that they lack; ground to air, air to air, & distance manipulation for anti air; avoid guessing in the 50/50 portion of setups by avoiding the actions that allow the setup to take place, other than that you gotta be damn good at yomi/guessing; adapt, don’t always just flow into a style of play and do whatever you like. greatest tip, if you find yourself getting annoyed by what your opponent does just shut down entirely and take a damn good look at what he’s doing.

  2. get char specific info. you can find this out on your own or you can search through SRK or whichever other gaming sites to get it. make sure it’s accurate though, don’t just take people’s word for it. in this manner, you can claim advantages that no one can take away and exploit weaknesses that your opponents can’t hide. there’s plenty of info to take advantage of out there. for instance, just the fact that Fei Long has more options from mid-close range than he does at far range can be very helpful to know.

  3. as you play, identify your problems. unless you’re really bad at the game, this is one of the hardest things to do… cause as you get better, mistakes are practically invisible. you’ve got to be pretty broad and perceptive to spot them. a mid level player’s mistake is something like… using an inefficiently damaging combo, using the same gimmicks too often, being unable to use your setup vs a player or defend against a particular setup, etc. either way, you yourself deduce what your problem is. whatever it is, it will always be something that factors into your loss (or keep you from getting an easier win). important note: NEVER blame your loss on the character. any loss you receive is YOUR fault, and you’ll see a definite improvement in yourself with that mindset

with just these you should find yourself becoming at least better than just average

Understand the game’s terrain… or learn it on a technical level (frame data will give you a better understanding of what is and what isn’t punishable).

With FADCs, my recommendation is to go into Training Mode and just keep trying to get it down. Also realize that some of your specials can be FADC’d out of (Shoryuken and Hadoken) and some can’t (Tatsu). It took me like 3 days of doing FADC training on my own before I was able to do it when I wanted to in a real match. However, you shouldn’t focus on trying the really complicated FADC combos at the start. Focus on getting used to the timing and make it so you can FADC on command. Once you can FADC on command you can then focus on how to better utilize FADC in different situations.

Post a video of yourself playing

Thank you guys for everything

Everyone else who’s a regular here comes off as an ass towards new people, I don’t see the problem.

Stop playing online.

It’s hard to give good advice to people who give almost no information about how they play. An “ok” player who is “taking the game more serious” doesn’t really mean much to anyone

the problem is if people think you’re being a dick when you ask for help, they’ll just troll you. I’ve seen a guy with asperger’s syndrome or something make a thread and to me he was the most pleasant dude in the world, he even let others know of his condition and they still trolled the shit out of him

Nothing to combos besides practice and learning input techniques, like plinking and double-tapping.

Learning to FADC ultra is a pain in the ass but you can get it in a week if you really try. It might take you 3 months to be really consistent with it though.

yeah, took me about a month to get used to the stick, 2 months to get FADC ultra down, 2 months later I could do all my bnb’s with out even looking. All in all around half a year just to get the basics of the game down to the point where you can start learning match ups and mind games and whatnot.

  1. read the character subforums
  2. go to training mode to practice execution
  3. practice against people.

repeat steps 2 and 3 til desired effect