Any tips for doing the cross up air fireball vortex?



I hope I described that right. Anyway I’m looking for help on this. I can’t seem to get the fireball to come out fast enough when I leave the ground as they’re waking up. Is there some sort of trick to it, or do you just have to jump and do the input insanely fast? Sometimes it seems like I get it out fast enough but then I still land in front of them. Any help guys?


It is vaguely similar to a dragon punch motion.

Do up+forward, then immediately move the stick to down and do the fireball motion. You should hear 4 clicks…Do the motion slowly at first to get it into your muscle memory and then when you feel comfortable hitting the 4 clicks, start to speed it up.

You will then see that you launch a fireball the instant your feet leave the floor.



ty sirs.


cross up air fb isn’t a vortex it is an aspect of the vortex…the vortex is the wake up game that will lead to another untech KD…any combo that leads to sweep…a throw…or a demon flip throw.


i need some help incorperating the X-up hado in my game. i can do it, i just dont know when/what situation calls for it as far as a mixup goes. something else to consider, i have a much easyer time doing it on a square gate than an octogate (i normaly play on octogate)… wonder why that is…


The setups I use are after a Demon, after a demon flip throw and one dash forward and walk a bit backwards after a successfully hit demon flip palm.


id like to get bokkins input here because i saw him use it succesfully in his videos.


^the only time I do it is after a demon flip throw…it gives you the perfect spacing to walk forward a little bit and do it…also one thing people need to learn is you have a choice of whether or not the fb is x-up or not by timing when you do it…I usually do a pattern of x-up,x-up, non-x-up it really is all about execution…I have a square gate…I do UF,D,DF,F as my inputs…I’ve never been able to Tiger Knee air fb…but hey I learned to do without…I also play cammy and her TK CS is literally the absolute opposite of the way I do instant air fb…so I have another outlet of speed execution practice…

after you confirm a hit…I usually go for cLP cLP cLK->lk tatsu but I’ve been in the training mode working on cMP-cLK->lk tatsu…(does more dmg) but I’m not to confident in that one)

It took a good amount of practice to get this down but it is by far the safest thing you can do on anyone’s wake up…if done right all reversal anything will whiff…and otherwise sets you up with a free block string/hit confirm situation…

but this is NOT a vortex just one of its aspects…


After a landed cross-up fireball I just go straight for the st. Fierce into Bread n’ Butter or st. Fierce hadouken FADC st. Fierce Bread n’ Butter for more damage. If I’m on the right side it’s a lot easier for me to quickly jump forward then fireball almost like a shoryuken motion but when I’m on the left side, it a lot easier for me to do the :d::df::r::uf::r::df: + :p: motion.


wow you must have quick reflexes if you can hit confirm off a s.hp. Either that or you’re playing against people that don’t punish you bad enough for a whiffed lk tatsu.


You actually have alot of time to hit confirm

It can be seen used here : [media=youtube]sVpf3vHJovY&#t=2m40s[/media]


Yeah you have plenty of time. Even if you press the Fierce button, as long as you don’t do the tatsu you can cancel into teleport (I think), fireball, demonflip etc… And it’s not hit confirming off of the st. Fierce it’s hit confirming off of the air fireball.


^no you have to cancel off the sHP which is crucial…and you want to confirm into a lk tatsu…which is unsafe if they’re crouching or they block…I’ve never seen anyone confirm x-up air fb into hp in tournament…I confirm with LP LP LK…but as I said I’d like to get to MP LK and eventually LP-HP but yeah HP is just too little time…that vid shows him confirming off a FADC which is alllloooonggg time…I don’t know anyone who just confirms with HP…that’s like doing a dive kick on someones wake up and just going right into hp->bnb I know people confirm with cLP->sHP->BnB but even that takes great reaction and skill…I confirm with cMPx2 instead (does very close to the same dmg)…I’d love to see match vids of someone confirming with straight HP->BnB because without 2 bars you wouldn’t do what lincon did in that vid…


Well I don’t know. I"ll do quarter-circle back but if I see the Fierce is blocked I’ll quickly move the stick down forward then down back to teleport. I will screw up at times and I will get punished for it though so I see why most players would go for the hit confirm.



Thanks for asking and for all for the followup comments (input). I’ve asked this before on a separate thread and got no responses … :frowning: . Now I know the inputs so can pract./start using the X-up fireball in matches once I have it down … :). Been wanting to try (learn, pract.) this mixup for the longest time ever since I saw it. Training, here I come.

Now, if I can only master the HK-LP loop, I’d be a happy Gouki player, not to mention improving my odds of wins and Champs score … :stuck_out_tongue: Oh wells.

That said, I’ve recently picked up Gouken and he’s just about as fun to play with as Gouki … :).


You know they’re removing this combo in 2 months, right?


Yes I do which really “pisses” me off to no end given how much I’ve practiced and want to use and continue using this loop. Yeah, it is character specific but that does not mean I would not use it. Done effectively, it just makes Sagat, Abel, and Gief look ridiculously abusable - not to mention “mind-fawking and pissing” off the player … :stuck_out_tongue::slight_smile:


I been doing the x-FB with d,df,f,uf,u, thin punch not sure if thiers a easier way or not but that how i been doing it.But still can’t do it with ease yet been trying other things out.



Hey i made a brief tutorial on the crossup air vortex fireball