Any tips for getting into cr.lp?

I’m trying to use dudleys for mixups to combo it into cr.lp>>ex mgb but I can’t land the cr. lp consistently for the life of me. I’m a bit new to plinking and I’ve been trying to use that for the c.lp but it doesn’t seem to work at all. Any tips?

Drum it into your muscle memory with practise. It should be no different to any shoto’s cr.LK cr.LP combos.

I don’t think you can plink cr.lp (it has no priority over any subsequent press iirc), you can plink the of course with hk~mk.

You could try recording the sound of you hitting the links with the right timing or use a metronome and just repeat that as a guide if you feel you’re getting nowhere with raw practice.

thanks guys the sound idea is working pretty well>>>cr.lp>>>Standing heavy kick>>>EX machine gun blow>>>>Win

What is plinking? I am new to SF4 and have hard time with getting consistency down? Is plinking a way to get combos out easier?

in a way yes.
basically in order to pull of a link (normal move to normal move) u have a set number of frames to input the linked button. What plinking does is trick the game into thinking that you entered an input multiple times. For instance, F+ Hk to HK is a 1 frame link. Meaning i have 1/60 frames to get that right (meaning my shits gotta be precise.)

What plinking does is make me input 2 s HK’s so that hopefully 1 of the 2 HK inputs correctly logs on the exact frame for the link. Thus the probability of successfully linking the combo is slightly higher.

In order to do the plink, you hit HK and then a button of lesser strength (i.e. mk or mp etc) slightly after. If you look up plinking on youtube you can see video of people doing this.

To know if you are doing it correctly, u can go to training mode, put on show inputs and if you are plinking hk with mk, then your input should show:

HK appears twice but u’ve only pressed it once.

How does HK appear twice when you have only pressed it once?

You have to press HK
and right after press HK+MK so the input would be


Otherwise it would only look like

HK+MK if you only pressed HK once?

I have an easier time just going straight from to s.HK

It probably has something to do with the programming. Since, if one were to press mk+hk, the hk would come out, pressing them at almost the same time (hk first, mind you) will result in the hk still coming out. The game probably reads it as two hk entries due to how close together the buttons were pressed, even though they were different buttons.

That’s my assumption based on the limited knowledge I’ve acquired in the last week or so >.>

No u do HK slightly before u press MK. so its like pressing them together but u are hitting MK 1/10th of a second after or similar.

If u need more info on the tactic,

I think the reason why it shows to HKs for one press is because of the game engine’s option select system. I’d clarify but this seems like the wrong thread to go into crazy detail about something like that.

Don’t debate what is being told here, the thing works. Try it for yourself.
Some people debate that using plinking for links that are greater than 1 frame is poor playstyle because it gives u so much leeway and when u are forced to do harder links u are conditioned to doing easier links. IDK.
I hardly ever plink just because I think it screws with the timing i already have put into habit. However, whenever there was a link i could not get, plinking greatly increased my chances of accomplishing it.

However, plinking means nothing if you don’t know the general timing of the link to begin with. Find the timing, then try it with the plink.