Any tips for playing Doctor Strange Second



I understand a lot of us play him point which is cool, but playing him second and wanted to know is there any tips running him second usually with one assist. I personally play him with Dante as anchor with Weasel Shot.

Edited: Title to fit what I am asking, sorry


Get good at blocking incoming mix-ups, Strange is free to those since he can’t really get away. The general consensus is that Strange’s best position is second.

Also, I’d switch your team around. Make it Dante(Jam session)/Strange(Bolts)/Tasky(Horizontal arrows).

This way Dante can build meter for Strange on second, and if Dante lives Strange gains a great GTFO assist (which he desperately needs IMO) and he has Tasky’s assist for teleport mix-ups.


I get you on the team set up, been running Task point because I get the most out of him that way, I feel. What I have been doing is switch points when I have a bad match up. Sometimes I feel that with Strange second I just feel he is there just to spam SoVs, there has to be more to it you know. I will consider running Dante point more often though; thank you for that insight.