Any tips for stick storage?


I have accumulated 3 sticks and it looks kinda cluttered on my coffee table. Was curious if anybody had any suggestions for a small shelf or something to keep things more organized.


i’m interested in this too ;_;


desk, floor, bookshelf, closet, underneath the bed, any where else you would store things


I have a coffee table with a drawer and a shelf. It’s perfect for putting things in. Honestly, I love it. Sticks go on the shelf and controllers, remotes, coasters, games, etc. go in the drawer.


shelving or put it back in it’s original box(if you have it). I know it takes up alot of room, but it will increase your resale value to the ocd buyers(like myself). :stuck_out_tongue:


I hang them in bags in my closet. I have some hook like hangars.


^^HAH! Thats Clever


How do the hangars not wear out lol.


Man I wish I had that kind of closet space to be able to take up a whole one with fighting game stuff. I don’t even know where I’m going to put the shoes I got on Black Friday.