Any tips for using felicia?

ok, i have seen some felicia vids and i was wondering, what are some basics for felicia? She’s a fast character, so she should have some could combos, depending with who she’s teamed up with. So, if anyone has some tips, i would like to know. thnx

This team is like my 2nd best team use their speacails at the same time for insane amounts of damage even when blocked this team realy helps and becomes realy good once you get the hang of each char like I did. Morrigan Porjectile type, BB Hood Anti Air Type, Felicia Ground Type. Their a realy good team try them out!

Nice team, but unless your opponent is also a scrub your gonna have confusing defeats, your not going to get far with that team. Pick your team and go up against Teams like MSP or Santhrax and see what happens.

prolly better switch morrigans assist to aa, and bb hood’s to projectile you can otg off it

My recent team has been Felicia Ground, Megaman Projectile, And Capcom Anti Air.

It works pretty well. I use Felicia to use her speed to overwhelm the opponent with Capcom being called out often, then when Fellatio (my nickname ;p) gets low health, I swap her for Megaman, and abuse her ground assist by assisting, then jumping with megaman and shooting a megabuster, basically traps a non storm opponent for a few seconds. :slight_smile:

I Personally love Felicia. She is really fast, and can combo fairly well because of it.

Tips, though?
I’m still fairly new about talking about moves on message boards, but I ussually do a Crouching LK > LK > MK > HCF LK xx Sandbox Wave Attack. (My nick name for it :p)

I look at Felicia as the new Wolverine of this game.
Every ground chain can setup for virtually any Super Combo, excluding ‘Please, Help Me!’.

For example, her most basic combo is:
LP, LK, MP, MK, Hyper Litterbox Kick or Hyper Cat Scratch Fever (D, DF, F + KK and D, DF, F + PP, respectively)

She’s fairly good at keeping away with her Litterbox Kick, and it’s also a move you can tack on when you rush. As for suitable assists, use Captain Commando. You won’t be sorry, since Felicia’s Anti-Air game is somewhat bad (and she doesn’t take hits very well, either.) B.B. Hood and Tron are also good Assists to have, one for making people sticking on the ground somewhat skittish, and the other will really make the opponent’s life sheer hell up close.

Anyway, hope that helps.

use her quick pokes, and get a hit out of them. poke poke, dash, poke poke, dash, throw (mash) punish with super kitty litter. normal kitty litter is good after a poke string. her sweep is nice too.

sentinel is the big problem of course though, use that super kitty litter though and sj. hp and hk.

the felicia master around here can beat just about any team with his completely low tier teams (no tron or top tiers…shit like felicia/charlie(sonic boom assist)/venom)

“Pick your team and go up against Teams like MSP or Santhrax and see what happens.” ehh…you’re right about santhrax but not about msp. A lot of low tiers can beat msp…msp is just pure rushdown, you just need to not be a scrub and can block and watch out for psy. it’s not quite like santhrax where the shit just beats you straight out. msp can be handled.

Truer words have never been spoken.

so your calling justin and sanford scrubs, i’ve seen them get raped by msp.

haha wow you’re dumb. no. first off, read the sentence again…I love you made some dumb-ass connections there. just read it again.

EDIT: as usual, it’s another dumb post of yours, but I’ll try to help. First being the scrub and losing to MSP was not RELATED in my post. read that sentence a few times. I was just saying to not be a scrub in general. MSP doesn’t have any strong advantage over many teams like santhrax/matrix/some cable teams and shit. MSPs advantage is the rushdown/mixup game. All teams generally have to deal with it like that…though some teams are better at keeping magz away from hitting them…like thrax/megaman/and some other low tiers.

MSP is the most common team to beat with low tiers. because no matter what team you’re playing, you just gotta keep magz away and block. Now low tiers against shit like sentinel is where it’s hard.

“I love how you made” “first being a scrub and losing”:rofl:whatever man, i’m done.

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Guys, posts like these aren’t helping the thread very much. Look at what happened to that Strider thread. =/

yes of course, your post was so helpful too!!! …

use felicia’s sandbox super like ken’s shoryureppa…use it to counter shit.

Geez, just trying to help out.

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so do you have any felicia tips?

I do, if your thinking of going to tournaments don’t bother looking here, because you ain’t beasting no one with felicia, especially top MSP’s.

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but you will do better against msp than santhrax and the like.

Alot of people actually sleep on her recovery from the sliding sweep. Most people try and punish it after the kick is out, but you can either block or start another combo string, which helps t(me at least) to either keep the press up, or punish them for trying to punish you.(but sometimes it depends on who youre fighting).:sweat::sweat:

Let her triangle jump.:wgrin: