Any tips on hitting Izuna Drop from the ground?



im just curious to know if any 1 can hit the izuna drop when there foe is on the ground on a consistant basis. latley i found a decent way but the only way i can land it if the person is standing completely still lol. i usually let go of forward mid way and hit it again and it seems to work. but in combat it was utterally useless lol.

so has any 1 mastered the ground izuna drop?

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Scroll down, there’s a thread on this exact subject on the first page.


Yeah, refer to other thread, and find the jap video of the guy explaining Vegas body positioning over your opponent. That’s where the secret’s at.


Well poo on you people from 4 years ago. It’s not on the front page anymore, but google still ranks this thread highly.


It is a 1 frame grab. It has a damn smal hitbox. It is suposed to be hard.

In short: just do it if the opp is in the corner and even then fly behind them, not in front and aim for their shoulders.

Edit: Ah yeah, go into training and start with Seth/Sagat and then Chun Li / Blanka. Switch between those pairs and you will begin to feel the sweet spot.


Also I’d recommend trying it on people whilst they focus in training mode. A lot of characters drastically change their hitbox when they focus and you’re going to find a lot of people seeing Izuna as an opportunity for a free focus punish.

Case in point, Sakura crouches, T.Hawk moves backwards, Dee Jay both moves back AND downward.

Also, Sakura is the bane of everyone’s existence, try to aim for the shoulder behind her and get her doing crHPs if you can with the dummy.


can anyone link the thread or the video?


Honestly, I can do the Izuna grab quite well on ground opponents (if I may say so myself) but when Sakura does her focus attack I can’t grab her consistently so I’ve given up on trying to Izuna grab her altogether.


^ Whilst you and I can both grab Sakura to high heaven (I am capable of doing it on her focus), the OP seems to be having general trouble in grabbing anyone.
Of anyone that’s good practice to practice Izunas on, it’s Sakura,


At the risk of sounding big headed, I feel that with enough practice and experience, Izuna grabbing ground opponents is actually quite easy on more than half the cast.


Never said it was hard tbh. But, like I said. The OP is having issues, I am giving advice. I’m pretty sure, as beginners, we all had issues with this once, so I see little issue with imparting knowledge.

Personally, I only stick around on these boards TO impart my knowledge, seeing as I don’t give a monkeys about this game anymore.



despite being beginner in the arts of this game, i have found some success with getting izuna drops on the ground[especially in middle screen] by inputting a reverse ultra2, that is holding the direction{towards the opponent, amirite] and then tapping opposite and towards sequentially and pressing the relevant punch button