Any tips on how to beat Alex/Urien



I find with Alex is that he is powerful, and fast enougth to keep up with 12. He even get an advantage when trading hits.

Urien just kills 12’s air game so some tips would be nice.


Bait bait bait.

If he’s killing your air game (or catching you at all for that matter), you’re either too predictable or you’re not running fast enough.

Do instant-air-dashes (up-toward, toward) with roundhouse, and then block as soon as you hit the ground. Because you’re so low when you hit the button, the RH will barely come out, and you’ll recover in time for him to miss you completely with his supposed attack AND punish it. EX Whippy-hands is usually enough.

Air-dash toward them with mk (forward), then whiff it over their head and throw them. IAD with strong, then UOH xx SA1. Twel(e)ve isn’t so much run away as run around. You have to keep moving, but keep poking at them. If they’re not afraid or frustrated, you’re gonna lose that quarter.

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