Any tips on movement and how to get in?

I feel as if my tri dashes arent helping me out at all. Any tips?

Would like some insight into this as well.

What angles should Doom use to mount an offense? I tend to superjump a lot, throw photon shots and then foot dive… but teleport characters/meter stocked chars etc can punish this and I feel it’s extremely telegraphed.

I play Doom as anchor, so I don’t have an assist like coldstar to keep the opponent locked down for me to start hi/low mixups. If I manage to get close, what are good ways to open people up? Tridash crossup j.L seems pretty herpderp.

How should I be using his flight mode? j.S qcb+s j.s is pretty troll.

I feel that neutral jump buttergun can help him get in, is this a good idea?

Any tips for chasing down superjump runaway, or keeping people who threaten your runaway with their own sj?

You don’t have to foot dive everytime you go up in the air after the photon shot. Especially since it’s tricky to dash cancel consistently after the foot dive and you’re left to die on block if you don’t dash cancel. Just use it for when you know people are trying to air throw your ass so you can trade or clean hit them into a kill combo.

Neutral or forward jump butter gun will help you if they’re pressing buttons in the air but smart players will just constantly pushblock the gun and push you away unless you have an assist covering the butter gun.

Some good ways to open people up involves dash cancels into c.L’s or throw, ADDFing into a c.L or ADFing into an air M for a high low mix up after you get in, pestering them with air throws etc. Basically just keep moving forward with shit.

A lot of this eventually devolves down to just having Strider assist or log trap assist or some other assist that hits people really high up in the air.

To use his flight mode…just use it similar to Magneto. Activate then do ADUF, ADDF zig zags until you get in or do ADUB, ADDB zig zags to get away depending on situation. Most of the time you’re going to be using the former to get in.

From there I can also show a match I had against my brother where you can get some basic ideas of stuff you can do even without an assist. I ran Doom anchor throughout all of Vanilla so I’m pretty comfortable with how he works. You basically just play him like a rushdown character since he has natural ability to dash through advance guards without an assist.


I lose my first 2 characters early and even run out of all of my XF but as long as you can kill one character towards the corner you can get going. On Captain America speficially I waited for him to push block my c.H and using the c.L, c.H OS confirm and then tri dashed through his push block and c.L’d him into a combo. Characters with fast normals can see it and c.L you back but you can also land quick enough to throw them before that happens, mix it up with an air dash M or just block.

There’s a lot more stuff really you can do that of course is better when combined with assists. I usually play Doom with just Strider assist though or no assist at all so I’m basically just concentrated on keeping the opponent towards the ground as I’m rushing or just going straight in. I only zone to like chip out a last character or something. Doom doesn’t really have the durability on his projectiles otherwise to do long term zoning and the zoning doesn’t really do enough damage to really do over a long period.

Can you detail that more? The OS specifically. Is that just you plinking c.L~c.H to cover a throw attempt or something different?

It’s not even really a plink since you don’t even have to hit the buttons that fast. It’s basically just press c.H right after pressing c.L. Basically the c.H isn’t going to release on screen till a long time after you pressed c.H so you wait for the c.H to connect on hit or block. If the c.H connects on hit you hit confirm that into an S launcher and start a combo. If you see that the c.H is blocked you dash cancel like I did in the video to stay in. If you whiff the c.L and press c.H, nothing comes out but the c.L.

To help you practice it go into training mode and set the dummy to crouch and random block. Once you consistently confirm on hit to press S to launch or confirm on block to dash tri dash cancel you should be good to go.

It has enough hitstun to get something going (+24 on hit), and is safe enough on guard (+12), so why not? :stuck_out_tongue: