Any tips on rolento rusdown?

i used rolento in a-groove…i just want some1 to give me tips on his rushdowns and runaways and how u beat sagat wid rolento??? ders this guy who plays sagat and always do j.rh all the time… and i’m havin trouble dealin wid it any tips??

whats a j.rh???

for me try to make sagat do one move that he can’t counter then use scooter jump then attack him then go back use mind games with him by using the kinfe try to guard crush him alot i do that few times with my enemies.

Beginning of match, ALWAYS roll backwards with fp. Even if he throws a Tiger shot, you’ll be able to block it. If he does anything else, jump, run, block, duck… then throw out a knife. If he commits to the block then scouter jump him and start the pokes.

If you’re worried about being stuck next to him, then try this poke string, scouter jump w/ sp. XX 3 cr. wp’s XX cr. RH. Or in english, scouter jump with strong punch, then crouch and jab 3 times, then do a crouching roundhouse. Unless he has godly timing with his tiger uppercut, Sagat should be forced to block all of this and you cannot be punished for it. Then after the cr. RH, just roll backwards with fierce again.

You could switch up the rolling backwards into knife, with rolling backwards into surprise fp hop. y’know, when you press fp during a backwards roll. Extrememly useful and hard to counter on reaction. You can also switch up with just rolling forward and going for the throw after your 3 jabs.

If you find him jumping a lot, that’ll work to your advantage. If Sagat tries to close the distance like this, all you have to do is super jump or scouter jump with jab. Rolento’s air jab beats out just about everything. Just make sure as soon as your feet leave the ground in whatever jump you’re in, press jab immediately. It will last the entire duration of the jump.

If you start getting cornered, be patient and find an oppurtunity to do a triangle jump or an opening to do a 3 jab poke string, which will slow down the game unbelievably, making Sagat frustrated. He’ll start going for the tiger uppercuts to try to knock you out of the air and whiffing them, which allows you to punish with cr. mk XX patriot circle. Your overall damage should be coming out of CC’s, throws, punishments and jabs.

If you want to be REALLY annoying, whenever any opponent is in the corner, and you’ve scouter jumped in with strong, try walking forward w/ st. jab. Just keep walking forward and jabbing. People have a tough time adjusting to this.

After all this stuff, his Sagat probably won’t be jumping too much, and he’ll start rolling or running. Of course, your CC’s and your cr. RH should be eating him alive now. Just remember, always throw a knife before jumping in. Eventually, you’ll figure out when the oppurtunity for just a straight jumpin can occur.

If the Sagat you’re facing isn’t doing many tiger uppercuts. Try scouter jumping without any attack and just throw after you land. This works extremely well against ppl like Geese or Yama.

Rolento pwnz Sagat/Blanka/Cammy/Hibiki/Vega. Good choice.

^:lol: Are you serious? But on the REAL tip…

Rolento is going to have a difficult time with any sort of character with a DP and/or has some range i.e. Sagat. A Sagat who jumps straight up with RH is going to be pretty difficult for Rolento. Rolento’s j.Jab DOES HAVE MAD PRIORITY, but depending on the positioning, its priority could have no relevance whatsover. OneRetardedGook says to SJ/Scouter Jump Jab him but that will only work if you are at about 3 Character distance and do KKK+JP immediatly catching Sagat under him before his J. RH has time to release. Still since you are under Sagat’s J.RH, if he manages to throw out his move first, you either eat his J.RH or trade, neither of which are in your favor. If you try to Scouter Jump JP from further, you will be at Sagat’s mercy since a Straight up jump rh from Sagat will essentially put him in a better position than your scouter jump which will leave Rolento lower and offering less priority.

Like I said, it’s going to be tough to break Sagat’s shell, especially with a character who isn’t too handy dealing with DPs. He’s a sucker for them, especially while rushing down. For instance, if I ever get Sagat blocking, the String(s) i typically use are;

  1. s.Jab x 3, cr.Forward xx KKK…
    a) crossup Forward
    b) strong
    c) Pogo drop
  2. s.Jab x 3, cr.Forward xx QCB+P
    a) Knife throw
    b) cr.RH
    c) Overhead smash from QCB+P
    d) Footsies with random Jabs
    e) RC Knife
    f) RC Patriot Circle

After one successful blocked string, I tend to mix it up a little, and toss in some throws! These strings cannot be used throughout a match because the opponent will get the wiser and mash out DP’s in between your pokes. You are bound to mess up the S.Jab links or the Jab->Fwd eventually, and that is where a DP would kill you and your momentum. Whatever you do though, STAY OUT OF THE CORNER!

Now if you’re getting cornered, RC your way out of there. Rolento is a sitting duck in the corner.

WTF :eek: Don’t listen to this guy. Scouter jump jab is still effective since Sagat’s so tall. Especially since you’re jumping from one end of the screen to the other. Too much time for him to react? That’s why you throw knives at him, at his feet, waist level whatever. Unless he’s running, he cannot close the distance and will resort to counter tiger uppercuts. Dash forward, traingle jump whiff (triangle jump and hold back and you’ll land just far away enough to avoid tiger uppercut) and try to bait him.

If you’re across the screen and you go for the scouter jump w/ jab and sagat tries to jump straight up with RH, he’ll lose it 80% of the time. Anyone who plays rolento and gets beaten in the air by sagat is a f’n n00b.

Don’t do crossups, it leaves you too close and the only way to get away from Sagat is to roll backwards, since you’re so close he can close the distance with a simple super jump; or jab poke 4X which gives him more than enough oppurtunities to tiger upper you in between the jabs. Don’t use crouching forward unless you’re connecting it in a combo after a jump-in. A blocked crouching forward used as a poke allows opponents to cross you up, roll, jump up or down with you relatively close. You end a poke string with either cr. RH (since cr. FP can be countered with tiger uppers).

Chun-li and blanka are fast jumpers so they can get away with it. Rolento’s fast but only in closing and making distance. His regular and super jumps are just as slow as Ryu’s or Ken’s and he doesn’t have their hit points. The only crossup game that’s half-effective is during wakeup. Triangle jump and switchin the distances, using either forward kick for crossup or down and forward pogo to hit him face front. But this mind game is 50/50 horseshit. And doing this string garbage with this mixup allows sagat to escape with one measly roll. i.e. s.jab 3X, crouching forward and then KKK, well whoops Sagat just rolled underneath and now you’ve created the perfect distance for sagat to either punish your next jump with tiger knee, run forward and cr. fp you all day or super jump you while you’re finishing your scouter jump and forcing you to block.

Any ass knows how to block crossups. You stick around sagat that close for a good portion of the game and your mincemeat.

R u shitting me? a) Knife throw from this distance makes you bait for a slow tiger shot or a simple super jump kick. b) you won’t be in distance to do such a thing unless you roll backwards with jab although this can be effective once or twice. Then sagat figures it out and starts jumpin straight up with RH c) overhead smash needs to be done with QCB+fp because the roll is faster and the overhead is faster with fp. If you do a weak roll into a weak overhead, you’re asking for it d) i don’t know what footsies means, but they better not be weak kicks. worthless, no range and easier to escape than cr. jabs e) wateva, RC’s are overrated for Rolento f) what’re you stupid? just cuz you’re invincible, doesn’t guarantee you’ll get him with the most easily punishable move in the game never do a patriot circle unless you’ve connected the crouching forward or you’re trying to chip him to death.

RC with what? Knife? jebus… don’t panic like this numbnut and attempt an RC patriot circle. Just wait it out and time your jab and/or roll. Sagat will most likely just keep jumping up and down with RH or crouching near you and trying to bait your roll. Wait it out, there’s a gap between a blocked straight jumping up RH and the subsequent and inevitable jumping forward with RH.

Rolento should NEVER have problems with dp’s. In fact, his air game should be built around baiting dp’s and punishing dp’s. I can’t remember the last time someone dp’d me. And if anything I mistimed my scouter jump after i landed from my knife throw. Ask other rolento players if they have problems with dp’s. See what they have to say and realize this guy’s advice in regards to fighting sagat is garbage. H

thnx 4 da tips… about the footsies… i really dont what they are… and about the roll cancels…i still gotta practice dat LOLz…

I don’t know Rolento v Sagat from Rolento’s side, but I do know that it is a tough match for Sagat.

The most important thing to learn with Rolento, and this may sound dumb, is to be able to do his qcf+Px3 with 100% accuracy. You’re like “but that’s just a simple BnB combo!” but trust me if you don’t have this on 100%, you’ll never feel confident enough to do any real damage.

You should never be cornered, you can do Wimpy Jump (qcb+K) to get out of the corner whenever you want.

You can deal with Sagat’s jumping roundhouse with a st. MP at the right range. Since you’re using A groove, activate if you have meter, this also deals with j. RH. Don’t be afraid to try and beat his j. RH out with your j. jab because the point is that if you win, you get the initiative, whereas if he wins, he can’t really follow it up well.

ERrr… my thoughts:

  1. Cross ups are a very good idea if you use them at the right time. The idea is not to hit the person (although it’s cool when you do) but do keep them in block stun so you can poke longer.

  2. Never do c.forward? You can buffer this move into anything you want, not just to combo, c.forward buffer into roll back, c.forward buffer into kkk and pogo drop, c.forward buffer into knife. This move should definately be part of your mixup/guard breaking.

  3. Rolling backwards with fp at the beginning of the match seems like a very idea to me. The fp version rolls for entirely too long and im pretty sure i’ve been hit with a low tiger shot. The wp version is relatively safe though.

  4. If you are in the corner rc CAN get you out. You can RC wall jump or RC scooter jump… the only thing is your invincibility runs out after you hit the wall so if they expect it they can hit you out of it…

Against sagat with rolento i spend a great deal of time running away though :lol:

OneDumbG00k really has a lot to learn…it’s probably better for you not insult other people’s strats. Learn how to play the game yourself first.

You obviously have a problem Roll cancelling since you completely dismiss Rolento’s RC strats…but RC Knife is very good and should be used along with his RC roll and jump for runaway(which you still haven’t figured out yet).

C.Forward should be used like fucking mad, I don’t know where you got the idea that it wasn’t good…thats just funny.

F00, I use cr. mk like crazy too and I don’t buffer it as much as I should. But I don’t like poking with it. Why settle for one poke into a run away or surprise tactic, when you can easily go for a several jab poke string into a cr. rh poke then merely fp backwards roll and attempt the same? Backwards fp roll is always safe to me when I fight Sagat. He fears Rolento’s scouter jump and is too afraid to throw a low tiger shot. And what Sagat throws a low Tiger shot to start the match? Nobody. Always fp backwards roll at the start. It puts you at a great distance at a great speed and is harder for the enemy to predict than a jump.

But RC’n is a trick and is at best a one-shot tide turner. If you’re pressuring him successfully without it, there’s no need to go for one. It’s a counter or a bait and Rolento doesn’t need em against Sagat. Only way Sagat’s ever pinned me down is with a knockdown in or around the corner and doin jumpkicks. Usin Rolento, you should know that on wakeup, a st. mp will at best trade hits with Sagat, so most ppl are forced to block or attempt something unnecessarily risky. RC is an example of something unnecessarily risky.

I mean, we’ve all fought Sagat’s, what’re their usual options after the initial jumpkick? Another one, cr. fp, small jump fk or poke string. Most of the time they just go for another jumpkick. If you predict that, then there’s more than enough time to block the initial jumpkick and roll under the 2nd one.
If they cr. fp, block, then block the 2nd one if they are in range and either attempt a triangle if you have room or time a poke in between his attacks.
Small jump is you’re biggest worry, but most Sagat’s in P or K that I fight will go low jumpkick into poke string. The better ones’ll run and poke but a cr.lp is you’re best friend in those situations.

If you screw up your RC, you’re f’d. You’re talking a st. fp into Tiger upper punishment or worse. I don’t believe that with Rolento’s great pokes and escape moves that he would really need to RC to escape.

Not sayin its worthless and that you should never do it. But you guys make it sound like if you DON’T use it often, then you’re a crappy player. And we all know that’s horsepoo.

I never ever ver rc his patriot circle. i rc the rolla nd the wall jump. I would rc the shit out of his knives if i was better at dp rc’s… well, lately i haven’t been rcing at all with rolento, but it can help you out of being trapped. as you wont always be better than the person you are playing.

The reason why I put RC’d Patriot Circles after a Backwards Roll is because sometimes people will throw out a poke trying to catch you. It’s at the bottom of the list because it’s probably the last move you would do.

Because you can get DP’d in between the jabs and cr.roundhouse. FP Backwards Roll just resets the positioning and the leaves the whole situation back at neutral. Rolento can’t do damage from that distance, and only gives Sagat more room to zone.

Sagat fears a scouter jump? Maybe if it was used during a poke string, but a scouter jump from full screen gives Sagat enough time to do whatever he wants with Rolento. At worst, Sagat can throw out a s.RH or something and trade with 1 hit of Rolento’s KKK+Strong. :lol:

St.Strong ON WAKEUP? :lol: It’s way too slow and has to hit at the right angle or it wont connect. What if Sagat crosses you up? You said it yourself, it will at best TRADE hits with Sagat. And it won’t be in Rolento’s favor. RC’ing is unnecessarily risky? RC’ing a scouter jump isn’t that hard and will get you out of sticky situations. Low risk, High reward. Who doesn’t want that.

If this, if that. What if you don’t predict it, and roll right into a throw?

But all this theorizing isn’t doing anything. Where do you play? :smiley: You can bring all these crappy Sagat’s and Rolento’s and we’ll see what works for real.

I think he meant using the mp as a meaty attack if you knock them down.

And if you predict a jump attack that shiet.

Don’t know many Sagat’s that try to poke you out of a “backwards” roll, I mean, what are they gonna reach you with? Maybe if Sagat could stretch his arms liek Dhalsim… but hell… why not? I seen weirder things. Seriously tho, most Sagat’s I’m fighting tend to turtle or wait to roll because they’re worrying about my lp backards roll into cr. RH, or my fp. backwards roll cancelled into FP pounce or Knives. They don’t know which is coming if any.

Don’t know about you, but baiting dp’s is a main part of my game. I always roll backwards into knife and then scouter jump from a good distance. I do this once or twice to get things rolling from the start, since at the beginning of the match they can do nothing to stop me from doing this short of running towards me like a f00l from the start. Either he gets hit, blocks or counters. Next time I have space, I’ll roll backwards, knife and then small jump to bait his dp, or I’ll triangle jump and attempt a crossup while he’s coming down froma whiffed dp. If he didn’t take the bait, it’ll be hard for him to punish my small jump since I’m far and I can control my trajectory on the Triangle. To be honest, I don’t even need to rely on these much at all.

The knife into scouter seems to work well enough since some ppl have trouble rolling the joystick from a back position forward into a dp command. If you throw away scouter jumps into j. mp,… then you lose out your advantage over K and P groovers. You can’t really parry or JD them. Ask any K or P groover,… j. mp is a nightmare on their side.

Ok,… apparently, poke strings, backwards rolls, scouter jumps and st. mp’s all suck. Especially against Sagat. I see. Well then. So… I guess I better learn to RC Patriot all day otherwise I’m f’ed. It apparently is the only move that you may consider doing… It’s at the bottom of your list though… i guess I better RC his PPP too… Well maybe I could jump… no I can’t… he can dp me… maybe roll??? no… he’d throw me… maybe,… I GOT IT!!! SCOU- err… no,… he’d always dp me… how about… POKING!!!
No… nope… he’d dp me out of that too… damn Sagat and his dp’s… he’d prolly dp me out a fp backwards roll too… ARRGHHH… he’d dp me even when I was on the ground and dead!!! DAMN YOUZ… DAMN YOUZ ALL TA HELLLLL!!! Noich.

EDIT: BTW, I meant, Rolento can’t really rely on st. mp when HE is getting up. Since you need timing and initiative, your st. mp will at best trade. So that most of time, if you’re knocked down in the corner, and Sagat’s jumping on you, you have to just wait it out and block nd find the proper time to poke to break up his rushdown or roll underneath his consecutive jumps. The latter of which I see more and more everyday. I’m guessin its cuz Sagats play Blanka too much and start usin Sagat as if he has a godly angled jumpkick. Cmon d00d,… I didn’t mean that as Rolento I’d walk up to Sagat when he’s down and actually do a st. mp to poke. :lol: Thanks for the backup tho Gwai, st. mp does rule anti-air.

god ban one dumb gook or something he really sucks and makes long dumb posts that are worthless

^ Actually, I considered a list of options and moves, Roll cancelled specials or not.

You missed the most important question though… WHERE DO YOU PLAY?:rolleyes:

Ok… i dont even know why you would bring up the issue of waking up with a normal anyway then… meaty attack on knockdown was the closest thing i could think of to anything thta made sense…

and yea, i dont know where you play, but where i played they learend to dp me out of my knives -> scooter jump with ease unless i do it EXTREMELY sparingly…

oh, and scooter jump mp you can EASILY be parried and countered out of the first hit.

Roll cancel xx patriot circle that shit!

lol…just playin

I just do s.jabs into throws should i happen to end up close to him and scouter jump variants. I also throw knives alot and sort of invite him to try pegging me with super tiger shots in which case I activate CC…you know what comes next.

Thats what I do, but he usually whips my ass anyways. :confused:


Rolentos game is very easy to learn IMO but effective. Poke poke poke can piss a lot of players off. You could RC his Patroit Circle but i like to RC his knives but that is just me. Rolento can be played but has to be in the right hands to be a threat. It takes a lot of timing to learn him. I like him in Ngorve because of the short jumb. Keeping them trap in the corner can be very effective