Any tips on Spinning Piledriver? ( Seth )



I have lots of problems doing this move, I NEVER ever even get it. Not even in practice.
Can someone help me? Right now I am doing quite good on Seth, but I can’t do this move, always had trouble doing these kind of moves ( also on etc )

Any tips/help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


There’s a shortcut for 360 motions in every game. You only have to input a 270 instead of going back to where you start. :f::df::d::db::b::ub::u: will work. In this game, you can even do a 360 with a 225 motion :f::df::d::db::b::ub:. It doesn’t matter which side you start on or whether you go clockwise or not, so there’s a lot of leeway in executing an SPD.


I have the opposite problem; I always get random Piledrivers when I try to Engine/Boom/anything really o_O


You’re overcompensating in your inputs. Be sure to end your quarter circle motions with forward or back and not up forward or up back like a Tiger Knee motion.


Thanks a lot, I’ll try it out tonight.
And what is the timing for it if you for example do it after a dash? When in the dash do you start the input?


It depends on how quickly you can do the input. The timing is pretty lenient, so I usually start my input immediately.


Do also note that there is also a sort of kara-SPD.

It isn’t very effective and does take time getting used to, but it does work.

:u: :ub: :b: :db: :d: :df: hold :f:, :lp:/:mp:/:hp:

I do, however, think that this adds an extra 1f gap. For example, in a block string.


This is something I find myself having trouble with as well. Seth’s SPD seems different from all other SPD’s in the game. It is far more strict. I get a lot of jump back jab’s if I dial it too fast or try to buffer during another move.

It seems like a good Idea to dial it starting from the up position rather than the forward position to avoid accidental jump outs.


Seth’s SPD seems harder because he has a 4-frame jump startup like normal characters. Zangief and T Hawk have 6-frame startup on their jumps. Also, starting from up will make you jump sooner. Just do it faster. Remember that you can do shortcut SPDs in this game with a 225 degree motion. Most games require a 270 degree motion.


That answers a lot of questions. Thanks.

Also, when I mentioned it’s a good idea to start dialing from the UP position, I forgot to mention that I usually buffer it in from a fake dive kick or a jump LK (meaning I’m already in the air when I press UP and when I finish dialing I’m pressing forward).


ssf4 inputs are total bullshit, once you understand how this works you’ll never have trouble doing this move. You can even overlap motions like qcf,hcb,u and it somehow still works. Also the best way to do it from crouching is strange but it allows you to do this move consistantly from the downback position without having to be insanely fast or having to stand up first: just hold db, then d, df, f, b, ub and punch. the towards to back to up back should be done fast enough that you can only barely see seths standing frame. This way you can spd them if your both crouching in each others face or lets you reversal spd without having to start from something that isnt crouch block.


Sometimes I end up jumping back and punching whenever I try and SPD, but other times I get it right. Any tips on how to fix the problem?


Press the punch button earlier


I have the best Seth when it comes to SPDs. So many times I had someone in a vortex, everyone is like “He’s gonna SPD!”. BAM! EX TANDEN COMES OUT AND I LOSE!


i prefer goofing up spd to teleport

nothing quite like going for a backwards teleport but getting EX Tanden Engine
2 bars gone, counter hit, 20 frames to get kicked in your face just in case they mistimed it


I picked up a habit of hitting 3 buttons when doing ex. I think I was using a fault stick once, and been doing it since. I 100% correctly predict what my opponent is gonna do, EX DP… Oh it’s a teleport. How my Seth wins games, I dunno.


I always do the forward to upback motion ( :hcb::ub:) and it’s pretty consistent for me. Sometimes I’ll get tandem for some reason, not sure why. I think i’m missing a corner when that happens.

The only real answer is to do the motion correctly which mean practice.