Any tips on the tk cancel after a seismo?

anyone got any tips for the input of this?
i tried d, u, then tk cancel, it works sometimes, but not stable
and qcb, ub tk cancel, i always sj and fly away
is it just because i am not do it fast enough? any tips for this?

and also anybody know now to avoid the ex seismo when u r perform the seismo feint rapidly?

There’s a sticky to ask this kind of question :

Anyway qcb, ub tk cancel is good, you must be doing it too early. You have to wait until there’s a shockwave surrounding Viper before inputting anything.

no offense, but half the questions are never answered in that thread anyway.

^^^ stfu.

I know myself and others are in there constantly answering questions, so don’t be lazy. It’s the internet.

do you honestly think if you tell me to stfu, i’ll actually do it? use logic.

i’m just saying that i don’t blame people for creating new topics to have their answers directly focused on. even though most of the time, someone posts the link to the q&a thread, their answer gets a reply anyway.

Dude you tiger knee it! Sesimo wait for smoke then tiger knee! Sesimo xx d,db,b,ub,u xx feint xx tiger distruction! =D

o may gax

Yup. Questions are answered in there all the time, and it’s the only place I answer them. I don’t ever in a thread like this.

Every question in that thread is always answered. The only questions that don’t get answered are the ones that aren’t explained correctly. We repeatedly answer questions to stuff that’s been asked many times before and that’s really going out of our way as it is. A topic will INEVITABLY be made once in a while cuz people who post on other forums are just used to the standard way to post things on the internet. I mean we have no choice but to deal with it and answer the question for the time being and refer them to the Q and A thread for further questions. That way they know in the future to do so and it keeps threads like this to a minimum.

The Q and A thread saves us a lot of hassle from having to see repeated thread after thread of the same question and overlapping threads of the same question getting in the way of the important threads. I’d rather see an overlapping post than an overlapping thread.