Any tips on this fight I had? [Video] I started playing akuma now, since evil ryu was just not a good character for me to start out with. I tried a lot and liked akuma the best so far, does anyone have any tips on this fight?

<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“REALVINNYBLESS”>… does anyone have any tips on this fight?</blockquote>

Oh yes a hundred, could have helped your game so so much! Too bad you posted this is the wrong section as here I am only allowed to quote captain hindsight:

“If you would have wanted real help, you should have posted this in the akuma or newbie saiko forum!”

You get better by playing the game there’s no other way, internet isn’t going to do much for you. Practice your shit, you’re not comfortable with your inputs, learn the basics and come back.

While these two are being harsh, they are onto something. 1) Post in the Akuma sub-thread for character specific help (I’ll move this for you…as soon as I figure out where that button is in this new UI) DONT POST in the Newbie section, you can get plenty of help from the Akuma players here and 2) yeah, they are right in that you can’t just read and become good…but it helps.

P.S. I’m not an Akuma player, but I hardly saw any vortex set ups or putting the opponent into pressure mind-game situations. I only see good Akuma’s jumping back to FB when they don’t have to initiate pressure to win or want to make you move forward/backwards to set up a specific distance to initiate another pressure string via a specific distance flip or some other forward momentum movement. Also, obviously, drop RD until you at least learn how to buffer and hide the input or make the opponent do something to land into it.

2 cents…from a mediocre, rusty Makoto player

To be honest there’s nothing yet relative to any special character’s knowledge needed. You just don’t know how to play this game and throw random special moves left and right, scared by the opponent walking in.
Stop playing to win, start using your normals and spacing. Look at the opponent, not your char. Stay close enough to punish whiffed shit, and punish it properly.
Forget about the jump back fireball every time you’re done with your close pressure. Why give up that space and momentum when obviously you know what the opponent is able to do at the end of your pressure, and that you can easily block or punish.
You can’t count on stealing wins with random shit. grow up your game. Jump on fundamentals and clever button management.

what’s your background in fighting games?