Any tips to beat Phoenix superjump lockon fireballs?



I just got destroyed by a Phoenix user who superjumped the whole match and threw fireballs at me. When I would try to hit her, a homing fireball would get in my way.

Am I going to have to use only particular characters to counter it, because I really only use Akuma, Haggar, Spiderman and Sentinel. Occasionally I will use Ironman, Wesker or Cap.


that’s actually pretty hard… i was playing against a pretty good phoenix user last night and even tho the ratio was 2-1 for me, the the that confused me was the vs phoenix matchup. when my team had either wolverine or sentinel, the guy would just switch out to phoenix and fireball spam me and i could not for the life of me figure out how to deal with it haha. like once he got the little pseudo trap going, it was really hard. i guess i’m not getting the timing right for wave dashes into super jump, throw. i supposed that could work quite well.

what luck i DO have is with MAGNETO

magneto can super jump into EM DISRUPTOR. made it pretty easy

phoenix actually can’t fireball against magneto when he has 3 bars cuz you can wait for her to do a fireball and u do your level 3 ultra which insta-kills her

buuuut you gotta be on the ground for that.

however, ur team of haggar and sentinel will die sooooo badly to a good phoenix runaway guy. dunno about akuma tho. gotta random beam her i guess lol


For your team, tiger-knee or otherwise Sentinel Hard Drive hyper. That goes through anything.
Usually a guess, but homing fireball has lots of startup lag, so you can kind of react to it.
Also wondering if Haggar’s hyper where he smashes you into the ground is worth doing.

Hate to say this, but experiment with random supers otherwise.


Cap- super jump to be at the same height and Shield slash on reaction.
Sent- Same but harddrive. (ON REACTION. don’t waste your super bars on blind guessing)
Ironman-623AB (just theory, check it out)
Hagger-623AB (just theory, check it out)


Dante deals with it too easily.

His teleport puts him right behind her head. I’ve resorted to placing vertical traps behind me when doing this now.