any tips?

well hey guys I’m relatively new to the forums as well as Third Strike, I’ve been playing a while but dunno if I’m all that good I play against 5 different people two Ryus, a Remy, an Akuma and a Yun, the Akuma and Yun aren’t all that great and the Remy is very random, but the Ryus always give me a hard time, I win but it’s like really enjoyable because against them because I never know for sure that I’m gonna win, I’ve got basic Ken combos like c.Mk to SA3 and 3) to SA3 also I like to use the close s.MP to close s.HP to LP SRK and sometimes close s.MP to MP SRK both the Remy and one of the Ryu’s always fear the c.MK to SA3 so they always block low and I mix up with the UOH.I use EX tatsumakis here and there and double SRKs in the corner because i can’t kara SRK to do it mid screen and also I can’t combo b.MK to SA3 i dunno if the timing is strict or if I have to do it something special to make it work I do use it on a crouching opponent so that’s not the problem. Well I guess that was to explain what I use now but if any other strats can be issued it’d be very much appreciated

b.MK to Shippu is strict on timing and they have to be crouching for it to work. to Shippu is a one frame link if I remember, but it’s extremely easy to hit confirm, and has a certain “rhythm” to it, I’m at the point where I can combo into it without drumming. If you know that they like to block low during wakeup, try meaty UOH into super art, the fact that you even pulled it off will make them wary of blocking low.

if you’re gonna meaty the UOH, it’s probably better to do meaty UOH -> s. strong, s. fierce xx Shippu or meaty UOH -> c. short, c. short xx Shippu. this way you really know that your UOH was indeed, a meaty.


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