Any tips?

I am relativly new to fighting games as a whole i got mortal kombat over the summer was actually good at it picked up mvc3 in september liked it played a little mostly arcade than dropped it and just got umvc3 i am getting back in but its become apparent that i cant win. i am like 8 and 20 my team pretty much depends on wolverine which is sad considering hes one of the easiest characters to play. I cant seem to lock down the rest of my team there is no one i feel comfortable with i like iron fist but i can never get in with him. I like akuma but his health makes me not play him one good combo and hes dead i like wesker but since capcom overpowered him this game half the time i use him i get zoned out. any tips on getting better i get training but just general tips i could use cause i really like this game and want to get good at it

Practice. Check the individual character forums for strategies and tips. Practice your neutral game and mix up setups in addition to your combos in training mode.

Pick a character you like and execution is easy and build a team around that character. You can work the rest from there.