Any trick to gamma charge > antiair gamma charge combo link?

I can’t seem to get the timing right to get the AA gamma charge out in time.

It’s character specific, but mostly relies on hitting them with the horizontal follow up as meaty as possible. Try the following set ups and get a feel for the timing.

cr.L, st.M, t.M xx H horizontal charge, L follow up
cr.L, cr.M, t.M xx H horizontal charge, L follow up
st.M, t.M xx H horizontal charge, L follow up

Getting the follow up depends mostly on the timing of the t.M and the cancel from t.M into horizontal charge. Play around with different speeds and you should get it. These set ups also vary from character to character. You can usually hit confirm how meaty the horizontal charge follow up hits, and if it isn’t meaty enough, cancel into Gamma Crush.

You can buffer the vertical charge quite early too, so the timing for that is quite relaxed.

Thanks, I’ll try these. Does it require the extra distance from the towards M then? That would make sense

Yeah, it helps.

Okay, I got it working before while testing. Seems like the main thing is that they need to be knocked high enough before the charge, which means standing M or toward M to get them off the ground. Then the first charge will knock them high enough where they’ll more bounce off the follow-up. It’s fun getting 900k in a simple combo like that, lol.

Yeah, it’s all about them being a little off the ground. It also works with s.H in the corner. So if you catch someone with a random s.H you’ve got another option.<br>