Any UMK3 or MKT Tournaments in Dallas?

Cuz I would love to join =) Man a UMK3 or MKT tournament would make me go :looney:

Nope. The few (three as far as I know, including myself) of us who play it aren’t enough for a tourney and only two of us (excluding me) know a whole lot. :wasted: Although, an MK tourney would be pretty killer.

When is the tornament going to be?

There’s not going to be one? :confused:

I play/played all the MK’s but sadly noone in D-town pops this game in for even the most casual of reasons. Sorry.

God damnit >: ( I would love to go to a tournament and see other skills from other players cuz im so damn sick of beating everyone =S =P


Curious question. How long have you been playing Mortal Kombat? Any game/version.

…and if applicable, which Arcades did you frequent to play them?

Ive been playing mortal kombat since I think I was like 6 or 7… Ive only played MK4 on the arcades but I would love to play UMK3 on the arcades… And the only MK games I stick with is MKT or UMK3…

Oh ok. You didn’t play any versions of MK1, 2 or 3 in the Arcade?

I was curious because I played all MK’s heavily in the arcade and on console and you said you havn’t been beaten. Figured we might’ve run into each other at some point.

I would love to play you just only a ride and finding you is a problem =(

That would be cool. I have all MK’s except the new school series. If you’re anywhere near North Dallas maybe I can work something out.

Well… I just so happen to stay in the east side of north dallas… Next to cinemark on Webb Chapell and Forest ln. Oo

I’m familiar with the area. Maybe we can play Saturday. I may be able to give you a ride and we can head over to SNF.

Well what time exactly cuz im trying to go to a Smash Fest between 1 - 4…

It’ll be later at night. 9-10ish

Dude thats perfect =D If you have any dreamcasts over there I can give yall some games for 3 $ each… Well I have MvC2 and SF3S right now and a BootDisc =O And I can bring the MKT for PS1 but thats mine for keeps =P

Well I have the originals of both those titles and a burn collection of my own, nice offer though.

Ot that note, at the place where we will be playing at, games will not be an issue.

Well I got em just in case ; ) So where is this SNF at anyhow?

why am i posting? because i can.