Any updates on the Juggle Potential of the characters?


Trying to get into using the juggling system in this game…but I wanted to be sure I knew what conncted with what…I checked the shoryuken wiki and couldn’t find any information on it yet…any idea when this will be posted?


You can actually just figure it out yourself in Training. Every character and their Normal Attacks have different juggling properties. Characters can usually juggle with at least two Normal Attacks before cancelling into a Special Move (in the corner and mid-screen). Some characters can do three Normals, some can do four. It all depends on the character / Normal Attack / Special Move. Every character is different. Also, people are still figuring out better combos / juggles all the time. I doubt there will be a guide for the juggle potential since this game is still in it’s early stages (not to mention future patches coming) and the fact that people are being homosexuals and saying it’s dying.