Any use for "Sting Master"?

I was experimenting with it earlier today & I could find much usefulness out of it… any tips for it?

You didn’t see the corner loop that shadyk showed in the video on the front page?

nope… I must have missed that video for some reason

towards the end, but you should watch the whole thing, pretty cool.

Yeah that sure is useful

Against shuma-gorath and no one else

I thought Tasky couldn’t do the air H Aim Master OTG relaunch anymore

This move is mostly a tool for zoning and making whiffed charging star safe. Use it as a substitute for ground aim master L. Hits 3/4 screen, faster than using the arrows, relatively safe and if you land it and have 1 meter you can hit for 429,500 damage. Not a bad move but nothing special.

It’s pretty safe on block, and you can dash+assist>jump H arrow>stuff if it hits midscreen or the corner.

This right here makes it an amazing buff to Ol’Tasky. Starting to see it in more BNB’s too.

I believe it to be safe on block so it make a good pressure tool with charging star to sting master and swing to arrow. allow some diversity.

I also have deadpool OTG assist so from sting master i can get the full task BnB

-3 on block, so it is MOSTLY safe.

Nothing is safe from the Alpha Counter.

Ok the mostly safe…i’ll keep it in mind.

Oh i forgot one of my favorite aspect of sting master.

It punish HARD whiffed move thanks to it’s range but most important, it put the opponent in a grab like animation. So whenever my opponent is feeling secure because of some lockdown-combo breaking assist like the hidden missile and whiff some jH or Js, sting master let me give the middle finger to doom, strider, tatsu or shopping cart ^^.

I use it for free chip damage setups.

I’ll check if it can combo to Hyper.

You can TK it into air diagonal arrows from mid-screen or air vertical arrows in the corner. If you’re fast, you can combo directly into ground vertical arrows in the corner, followed by TK vertical arrows.

Yeah I wasn’t sure if I remembered correctly since I know you can get arrows after his counter hyper

Its solid because it gives you enough time to OTG the opponent with arrows or with an assist. I use Wesker’s gun shot assist after I do it.

One of the best uses I found is simply using it as a safe cancel after shield bash. You’re too far to throw punish and characters can’t go under like some can with arrows (fuckin Wesker). So you know how 3 shield bash options: S, arrows(2 or 3), Sting Master. Sting is the safe out and can lead to a full combo if you catch them.

It makes a pretty good substitute for the arrow lift relaunch for people who play online / have bad execution/ are in a very tense situation where they are afraid to drop stuff. you can stick it in the end of your combo and do otg arrow + assist1> shield skills> sting master> otg arrows> assist 2 shield skills>sting master>down arrows> air diagonal legion arrows>DHC / TK air vertical legion arrows

the meter gain and the extra damage is pretty good considering its very easy to do

Wow, I never thought about using it that way. I’m still pretty new to this game, but Taskmaster is my favorite character. Thanks for the info.

from it you can do more than 429.
Even without OTG assist, you call assist, OTG with arrow (must assist will allow long enough juggle so you can combo from it).