Any Vega players make any noise at Evo this year?

Top 8 was basically all Akuma, Ryu, Rufus, and Balrog…what was the furthest any Vega players went? and how was Vega represented overall at Evo?

Tatsu made it out of pools in winners using Vega. I played him later in the losers bracket. I beat him pretty good first game, he DESTROYED me second game, then I barely won the third haha. From the brief interaction I had with him, seems like a cool guy. So yeah, if you read this Tatsu, gg :tup: I was the Ryu player w/ the DinoStick

Also my other friend Walter (Entity on SRK, from the bay area) made it out in losers. Don’t know how he did though.

Thought this said Vegas players for a while there.

good stuff man. i wonder if your match made it on the livestream and whether there’s a fight vid for it somewhere? i swear, next year they gotta let you buy a “souvenire” video of your match. I missed it this year but i’ll be there next year for sure.

haha i thought this thread was asking if anyone did that annoying as fuck vega wall dive yell.

Awo0o0o !~ awo0o0 awo0o0o awo0o0o0 !

bebop made it out to evo right? anyone know how his vega did?

i believe he lost to jerry p from fresno in losers semis.

I know my boy Teen Idol and his Vega were rockin it in pool 20 for a while.