Any vegans or veggies here?


People be hating like I gaf on some other thread, but it got me wondering if there are any in the FGC.

For non-vegans if there’s a real question I can answer it but if ur just lonely and trolling i’ll ignore.
Please no preachy vegan discussion here, just wanna know if there’s any of you out there and how long/why/etc.

Edit: Forgot to mention why on my part. Its an experiment that’s going pretty well. I wanted to see what would happen health-wise if I did a 180 and went fully vegan. Suffice it to say the never getting sick, clear skin, endurance with running etc is keeping me here. I’ve been checked by doctors etc, totally healthy. Unless gym, running, or something suffers I got zero reason to go back. I don’t eat soy or corn anything.


there seems to be a conflict between vegans and vegetarians, vegans hate being acknowledged as vegetarians and vegetarians do not like to referred to as vegans

meat is good as hell, y’all messing out but I respect that this vegetable dish look good though



Technically veggitarian=vegan BUT there is a difference in common use these days (veggetarian is now a misnomer).

Vegetarian is someone that prefers veggies but will consume either fish, egg, or dairy. I have nothing against veggies, but I cannot be regarded as one under that definition as I do not consume any of those. Its not offensive, its just not accurate.


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Out here in Vegas, there’s a place called Veggie House that does a decent Crispy ‘Beef’. It doesn’t match up to real beef, but it’s probably the closest thing I’ve had in a vegan restaurant.

This is from a non-vegan perspective, however.


Im not big on imitation food since I actually like the way veggies taste. Mushroom burgers are S-tier vegan burgers.

Imo trying to make veggies like meat is like trying to make Chris Crocker straight.


I’ve struggled with cooking good vegetarian dishes. For some reason they aren’t as filling as regular dishes with meat. I think the hardest part about it is that I may be trying to put vegetables in a similar roll to beef (wanting them to be part of the main course in a similar fashion to a chicken breast).

Any tips. Hook it up with the recipes.


No questions for those of you who thrive on plants, but I do want to share some tumblr goodness


Dude. u are seriously asking the right person. What do u want to know, I mostly cook Asian food but I also make mean veggie burgers. I can tell u how to make it right down to the condiments.




All i gather from that is that the dude thinks he’s a cartoon character on metalocalypse or something. the vegan was being cliche also but his heart may have been in the right place.


How many vegans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?


I’m better than you.


I dont know I just seen a thread about vegans and it reminded me of that picture.


PPl like that are real, I kinda used to be that way. I took pride in eating meat, but then realized my pride wasn’t founded on empirical data but rather ideology. Hence my vegan experiment, I had been enchanted by idea of eating meat but not the science. So I’m my own guinea pig now. Funny stuff tho, considering even most meat eater I know hate KFC.


Even though that picture you posted is kind of crappy I’d really love to try a mushroom burger.

Not too big a fan of regular burgers anyways, and I love mushrooms. Might give one a try.


I’m not gonna lie, every day I make it my goal to eat as many animals as possible. At buffet’s, I do some serious damage to the global population :frowning:

I can understand not killing an animal, but not eating an already dead animal is just wasteful.


I want to love make some lo mein, but I have no idea what type of noodles they use. This sounds dumb as fuck, I know, but for some reason its stopping me.


Nah its good thats stupping u man, this is something u don’t want to mess up (with wrong noodles). This is how I would do lo mein.


Then you do this:

  1. Soak in cold water till they are how u want them (I like a lil crunchy).
  2. Strain
  3. Stir fry with light oil (as the noddles already have oil inside of them).

While those are soaking, u want ur veggies to be frying also in the sauce ur using. The noodles absorb quickly, so once they are strained fry them until they are no longer wet then pour the veggie mix into the wok. Stir fry it and mix em up, then u got it.

The art is not precise really, u can really balance the flavor and crunch.

EDIT: The basic principle of soaking noodles first (not boiling) works in most Asian dishes. I also cook ramen, Lo mein, Sweet+sour anything, Orange whatever, eggrolls, spring rolls, sushi, sashimi, tempura, sukiaki, etc etc (actually dont wanna think of the whole list ha). Tho I don’t eat meat I will gladly cook it for friends/family.


I’ve yet to come across that package; will def be on the look out. What I don’t get though is how do you make a meal filling without using meat? I could do Lentil soup once in a while (I like’em, wife hates’em) or do something with eggplant. But its just blanks tbh.

Don’t grok this vegetarian shit.


Those noodles are found at most oriental shops and have various names (since most Asian cultures use the same ingredients under different names).
They can also be found with the title “Philippines Style Noodles”. If the back is in Mandarin and the English incomprehensible thats the winrar. These noodles are also top tier (I actually like them more, best used in savory/sweet dishes and are normally Korean).


Those bad boys basically absorb flavor, but have little of their own. U can make noodles with any flavor u wish. I use Philippine Banana Hotsauce with them.


[/details]. The extra stuff is really up to you. Asian food preparation is often very forgiving as many of the dishes came from verry sad origins, such as a lack of food.

Once you start to migrate from China/Korea/Japan style into Thai you run into even more sweet options. The peppers u can use in these dishes really blossom, one of my favorites is the Trinidad Scorpion, hot and sweet.

Edit: the banana hotsauce isn’t actually hot, it just contains some cayenne. its mostly sweet and makes for a great volume sauce.

Edit2: For those reading, I want to dispel the myth that u need to deep fry. Its not true. Baking works just as well/better for most dishes, even things like egg rolls or Sweet and Sour chicken.