Any veteran Nina players out there?


If so i’m looking to discuss alot about Nina. I feel shes a little under used/underestimated. Am I the only one?
At the cost of 1 bar she has a guarunteed 200 damage IMO thats Phenominal for a round ender or to tag safely.(Among other things obviously) Also if anyone wants to spar/play a few games message me on PSN(Xx_Martin279_xX). Maybe we can pick up a few Strats/Setups or combos even. The Nina player population Is scarce so we need to band together and break EVERYONE ELSES arms


I’m a nina player, my psn is the same as my srk. I warn you though, my playing has gotten exponentially worse in the last week, so excuse my poor ability to impress.


Go ahead and add me now if you can ill accept when i get home (in school right now) at around 3:00.

And trust me i’m no phenom either there are DEFINITLEY some things i can improve on.
Hense the making of this thread.

Thanks for the reply.


This should have been in the Nina sub-forum not in the main sub-forum.
I also play Nina (albeit a fraudulent one) and yeah Nina does monstrous damage ~400 without meter.
PSN is same as my username and I’m on the east coast (NJ). Take a look at my youtube if you want and look up Tatsu’s max damage Nina combo.


Yeah i know about the nina sub forum but seriously theres like a total of zero people there so i would have never have gotten a response.


I play Nina as well, but unfortunately im on 360 :frowning: .


I check it for new posts/threads and I’m sure other do too… :wink:


Tried to add you but your friends list is full. Saw your vids on youtube your pretty good

Really looking forward to how my nina stacks up against yours.


I play Nina and I do more damage than you guys, and you know why? Because I’m the best. Also I was watching some C+ ranked Nina/Rolento player and I actually learned some new stuff with her. But Nina doesn’t even need meter, at all. Like I didn’t even realize that EX Geyser Canon worked as a get off me move until I got to B+. So I was just winning on the ground.


I hate seeing you in ranked


^ who is this guy…? Never heard of him.

On topic: Nina doesn’t need meter at all, other than for switch cancels and maybe surprise ex rolling grab. This thread really should be in the Nina sub-forum…


You’ll also be running into me in TTT2 if you stick with it. Team Nina/Lili. But the only character that gives me trouble with Nina is Guile. I seriously cannot figure out how to stop him in any game unless my character just beats him outright (and they don’t).
If I can get a knockdown, I might have a chance. His wake up game is ass, so he has to guess correctly and Nina has some ambiguous jump ins.


Suprise ones really?? I NEVER do ex grab unless i cancel the blonde to high kick to it. If i dont hit it(i either get randomly sweeped or they jump) its just a waste of meter to me and against people who know what they’re doing i need meter
To have a fighting chance.

What combo do you do and much damage is it.
I max out at 442 but i suspected she had a little more potential.


What combo is that?
I normally use: w/e xx hk geyser, hp skull splitter, cr. hp xx hp skull splitter, cr. hp xx blond bomb.
Then there’s tatsu’s combo (he says it’s max damage): w/e xx hk geyser, cr. hp xx mp skull splitter, cr. hp xx hp skull splitter, ivory cutter (or raw launch).


hero plays one of the best nina’s in the 15000-30000 bracket ^.^!

oh really?


i swear when i read boards and i see people i have fought before i want to say i’m sorry but then again…i’m not…especially the people I style on or kill with a launcher at the end of a combo.
btw nina is a confusing match up for me cause i rarely fight them.


I didn’t know Tatsu came up with that combo, but that’s the one I’ve been using. It’s significantly harder to get used to. You have to hit the mp and fierce skull crushers at the right time, or they aren’t high enough to do the launcher/ivory cutter.
But the damage is a lot more, just starting with a cr. fierce into the launcher end, you get 420. Jump in is 462. And that’s with no meter.


Yeah its not an “easy” combo to do. Using HK geyser makes it a tad easier. You still playing Akuma/Nina?

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I play Sakura/Nina + Akuma. He is always on my team, I just switch up between my two favorite characters. Chaos, do you have an HD PVR or something like that?


I use one of these: