Any video from Evo North of the "Just Ownin'" guy?

Oh please let there be video. I know Wong pulled him aside for an interview. Youtube it please, Justin.

Adam I pulled him outside and interviewed him but my cam was lost in chicago somewhere between floes and nickels.

he basically was giving his opinions about his wins against and what he thinks of Carl (Perfect Legend).

This is a sad moment in the fighting game community. Priceless footage of Justownin… lost… :crybaby:

Thanks Fugee.

dont count it out just yet…it will surface

He said he will be at EVO World…he dropped me off at the airport before I left back to Texas.

I’m still a fan of the video of him losing his money in Tekken 5 to that Jack 5 player. Watching his pride get crushed made my day. Not because I have beef with him or anything. His posts just reek of arrogance and idiocy.

Everytime JustOwnin blinks the wind changes direction. Everytime JustOwnin farts a star is born in the sky. Everytime I speak paradigms of stupidity like unbreakable walls are replaced with the sliding doors of knowledge and understanding.

So it is natural for you to covet pure OWNAGE televised.

I walk in the shadows and sing in the stars, maybe one day you shall hear!

I return from the eternal darkness of the depths of the dimension of OWNAGE for it is from the shadows that my dark hands reach out and control the light! Bending it’s florescent nature to create more than a mere rainbow of colors but a spectrum of colors more glorious than even the aura borealous representing the deaths of ALL MEN!

I grace this forum with my prescence and a mere minion from MY GAME of doa4 talks shit about his SUPREME MASTER!

Know that your punishment for this injustice

will be SWIFT


and most of all


oh snap when they let you out?

Let me out? I am not off the chain, I am BEYOND the chain. For to be off teh chian would ensenuate that once upon a time ones power could be held down by mere metal!

The real question you should be asking is when did I finish OWNING this “they” that you speak of and migrate back to shoryuken.

classic vid of justownin at his best. He’s the black guy…

Dammit i’m gonna have to concoct some sort of video of supreme l33tn3ss silence of the lambs by the hands of OWNAGE type shit to counteract that damn video.

Dead or Alive Drama?

Wow. That guy yelling at you was an ass, JustOwnin’. Dont worry. Some people dont appreciate the comedy you bring.

I do.

And I’ll medium punch you to hell if you ever step out of line again.

JustOwnin: Do you write for comics or something, or is that how you normally write/speak? Just like you did in that one interview on alpharadio… I found it hilarious because I never heard anyone talk like you do. Good shit, great entertainment :tup:

haha i like your handle, from legaia lol

happened 04. Inhuman Reflexes / Guts is the shiestiest doa player alive. What he was doing once he got a capture card was he’d play top players when he knew they were not paying attention, record the match, and then put it up online to create the illusion he was better than somebody.

The person talking shit to me was Tom Brady aka Bill Manuedos. He DID get OWNED like I said he was.

Got vids of you owning him?

LOL @ Tom Brady. Brings me back to the DOAU days. Was the Don King of the DOA community.

Some serious implications there…

wow fuckin Ownage!!!
most tekken footage i’ve ever seen…
but Damn…