Any videos of fingers performing a ultra?

ive played SF 4 at my buds for a while and as good as i am with ryu, sagat and blanka… i dont understand Ultras nor the EX concept…is EX used to get through a characters charging move? ty and sorry for sounding like a newbie… been playing SF since part two on my gameboy

An “EX” move is just a powered up version of a character’s special move. An EX version of a move can deal extra damage, and/or have special properties. However, EX moves cost 1 bar of Super Meter to perform, and you can only store 4 bars at one time.

For example, Ryu’s normal Hadouken does 70 damage and hits once. His EX Hadouken does 100 damage, and hits twice.

Another example would be Balrog’s LP Dash Straight, which does 100 damage. His EX version of the move does 120 damage, and has EX armor. EX armor allows him to absorb a hit, instead of getting knocked out of the attack.

Ultra Combos are basically a character’s Ultimate Attack. I guess you could compare it to a Limit Break or something. Each character will have two Ultra Combos to choose from in Super Street Fighter 4. As for videos performing the inputs for an Ultra, just look at the in game move list. It’s simple enough to follow.

thanks a lot about the Ex part :slight_smile: ive somehow done those several times but am never sure how i do it lol

No problem. EX moves are performed by pressing two of the attack buttons at once, instead of just one.

For example, the normal input for Ryu’s Hadouken is:

:qcf: + :hp:

The input for Ryu’s EX Hadouken is:

:qcf: + :lp: + :mp:

Though, you’re not limited to just LP and MP, you can use whichever two punch buttons you like.

wow this is very helpful :slight_smile: i do well against medium players but due to not knowing thid and not being able to do ultras i get beat by the better players… thanks for this tip. it should give me a better chance… and i imagine you lose one meter for using the EX move? or is it more… Ive seen in youtube fights the EX move goes through projectiles… is this the case? like sagats tiger knee… with EX would it go through ryu’s projectile?

Now you’re talking about the invulnerability of some moves. With Sagat’s EX tiger knee (TK), you have to time the tiger knee so that the fireball would normally hit sagat during what is called the start-up frames of the TK, and instead of hitting sagat, the fireball passes through Sagat. This same can be seen with Rufus’ EX messiah kick. The EX messiah kick’s invulnerable start up frames allow for it to pass through projectiles, however do the EX messiah kick to early, you will get hit with the projectile. With Blanka, his EX roll will go through projectiles all day, regardless.

You lose one meter for each EX move, yes. If you do an EX Focus Cancel (Do challenge mode and the trials to learn more about this technique), you spend two bars of super meter.

Yes, all EX moves take 1 bar to perform. Like I said, different EX moves have different special properties. You’ll figure out these properties as you play the game.

For example, C. Viper’s EX Seismo is completely invincible on it’s startup, so nothing can hit her during this period. However, once that period is over, she can be hit normally.

Other moves have a certain kind of invincibility, such as Blanka’s EX Horizontal Ball. This move has complete invincibility to any type of projectile, even Ultra projectiles such as Ryu’s Metsu Hadouken. However, it can still be stuffed with a normal attack.

In the case of Sagat’s Tiger Knee, it does not have invincibility. It deals extra damage and is safe on block.

Look up justin wongs dudley, makoto, ibuki previews for super4.

They show a video of his hands while he plays.

Go into training mode. Pause the game. Look at command lists and it tells you how to do all of the moves including ultras and ex’s.

Thanks for the tips everyone :slight_smile: ive been playing at a friends. but i plan on getting a ps3 and SSF4 in a week so ill hit up the practice fields then :slight_smile: