Any videos of Hugo NOT dying?



I’ve NEVER seen a video where Hugo wins. Are there any out there?

I mean, if I wanted to see some Urien or Akuma or Yun or whatever combos, I can find them everywhere. If I want to see a Hugo in action, there is usually one of him dying horribly to Chun-Li or getting slaughtered by a top tier.


There were a couple of good Hugo players at TOSF. See if you can get your hands on those SVCD’s. But it won’t be worth getting the whole thing just for a couple of matches. Same goes for Cooperation Cup 2, where there was 1 hugo win.


I would imagine HuGoLiZarD has quite a few Hugo movies, you could try asking him.


thank you for the recgoniton!


So, are there any vids out there, or not?


you could try gettin that jap game newton video released a few weeks(month?) ago, when he won the tournament =p


There were (maybe they are still there?)a bunch of Hugo matches in Its by far the most scary Hugo i have ever seen.

There were like 8 matches of him and i think he only loses 1.





They’re all numbered at, do you happen to remember any numbers?


Yea, unfortunetly I seem to not be able to find anything at that china site. And normally my skills for navigating sites in unknown languages is great. I Dunno. I think I just keep getting links on combos or movie explanations.


I’ll have to give it another run then.:frowning:


The shirube tribe video has the fabled triple hand-clap into hammer mountain combo.


I found a bunch of links at sftchina, unfortunetly theres no description, just #'s. And it takes me like 13-15 mins per video,a nd i have like 20+ i gotta move through. So far ive found nothing hugoey.
Ok, I just spent around 6 hours of downloading all the mpgs on sftchinas 1st page.
All I can say is that im sick of 12 :).
Out of about 30 Ive dled, 20 or so are 12. 15 dudley, and the rare ibuki, ryu and alex.
Not a single Hugo. :frowning:


I put 2 vids of Hugo in a yahoo briefcase (

ID: mufasa3s
password: srkvid

They are old files from I will put more of the same Hugo later if u want.


Thanks I guess.
Shame they dont seem to want to run.
Quicktime plays and shows nothing and says no audio either.
Oh well.


Thanks mufasa! If you have anymore Hugo vids, I’d really like to see them too.


I will put two more today (they take very long to upload) I got some vids but i can only upload the ones below 5M (yahoo constraint) and i dont know how to split video files up.

I dont get the audio either but i can watch them. I can with media player but not with Divx for example.


Cool! I’m using quicktime on a Mac, and they give me no problems.:slight_smile:


Not working for me either. If I play it witth Real Player, the audio works but is scratchy and the viideo won’t work at all.


Get you some quicktime, or some CLV brother