Any videos showing all of Goukens Taunts?



Trying to pick one to use for those rare times



Gouken starts at 1:18


I use the one where he looks down, shakes his head, and says “disappointing”


I use a couple one where he does gouki’s foot stomp pose, and when he crosses his arms and say…what sounds like, in Jap voice, “oooh”. Idk what he says in English voice.


taunt that salt


I don’t taunt to be an asshole, though. The only times I usually taunt is when I regular Kongo, and chip dmg from full screen for the win taunting right before the finishing blow making it my taunting win pose post hit, before the automatic win pose lol


Here’s my take

1 is useless
2 looks sick
3-8 deceptive w early cancel s into whatever after first like 25frames

9 foooool…

10 cool