Any Viewlix clones available in US?

Shipping something like that over seas would be crazy. ballpark price if you know of one?

order page

Damn, that thing is gorgeous. Thank you very much, everyone here is so helpful.

Totally noob question, but if I get the version where I install my own sticks and buttons how do I get it to work on a console like PS3/360/Dreamcast?

you have to hack pads or buy hacked pads you could buy 2 ps1 hacked pads and then buy 2 converters for each system maybe the easiest way to go and you would just need your normal hook ups for your 32 inch tv but If your TV is bigger than these dimensions it won’t fit 32x4x21.5

or u could go the te version route and buy 2 ps1 modded te sticks or 2 multi console te sticks up to you

yeah so are these glorified displays or can they support the actual hardware/roms for games?

You can always import like I did…

I’ve imported 2 really nice cabinets, both of which are made for the hardware you speak of… but in reality, your not gonna spend 2500 on a cabinet, and another 3k on the hardware, and another 3k or so on software for a single game.

Get a kraylix, paint it up right, and get some PS360’s, Sanwa/Semitsu parts, and you’re all set.

Really depends on how you build it. A cabinet is just a place to hold hardware. What hardware you put in it is up to the user. Most Vewlix clones put in game systems, because they are cheaper. A cabinet is just a shell with a monitor, speakers, and control panel.

If you want the real hardware, you have to spend about $1000 on the Taito type X2 hardware required to run the game, and then you need to find a proper HD monitor, then pay thousands more for the games.

Unless if you want older games that use JAMMA harnesses, then build a supergun inside of them. Or just build it into a cabinet, really. Especially if your TV or monitor supports RGB sync, and it can be connected without converting the video signal from the JAMMA harness.

If you want the ROMs to play on games that you legally own on arcade hardware, then you can put a PC inside of the cabinet and use MAME to emulate the arcade ROMs.

Check out Kray. That’s your best/easiest option guaranteed! Get the TE version and buy yourself some Madcatz TE sticks and mount them onto the TE panel; simple as that. The cab houses a 32 inch flat panel so you can hook up any system you want.

I’m for sure going the TE route. I have a ps3 TE stick and may purchase a 360 to dual mod. Anyone know where to get the viewlix-style artwork for the TE with extended plexi?

Consider pulling the PCB from your PS3 stick and selling that off, and replace it with a PS360 (or PS360+), a Paewang (with harness) or a Chimp.
Then use a Kitty board from Toodles for the second TE your considering (the 360 one).

Make your Own Art (or contract someone awesome to make you some, d3v did a few for me on commission)

Get Plexi and Art Printing -

And you are on your way !