Any Volunteers For My Lab Experiments? Albert Wesker's Team Thread



I’m suprised this hasn’t been made yet. but im a total noob atm, and I have wesker on point with dooms rocks for a reset after otg samurai edge. and sentinals alpha assist to help get inside. i have wesker as the battery and then all up to lvl 3 xfactor sentinal because hes brainless to use.

what is your team setup? (preferebly with wesker on point)



This team has unblockables, OTG’s out the ass, and crazy mixup potential.
I’ve found so much stuff with this team that I don’t think i’ll ever seriously use anyone else.

MAYBE replace Sentinel with someone… Like Andre uses Wesker/Dante/Trish for traps instead of Sentinel… But honestly for right now i’m just sticking to Sentinel.


I am using wesker ammy sentinel… Ammy has a great assist obviously a nice full screen special. I don’t really like to spend meter with wesker so rather have ammy use it up and sentinel is just there because I need a strong anchor since I am new to fighting games and I need someone who can take a lot of hits, also he has a great assist. Might replace him with trish or dante when I get better.


I’m using wesker/dorm/sent - wesker is acting as the battery for dormammu’s big damage keep away stuff and sentinel does ok keep away with big damage up close too.


Running buktooth’s team ATM (Doom/Wesker/Chun). I originally wanted to do Doom/Viper/Dante but realized im better off just using a team that’s already kinda concrete and figure out the game mechanics first then move on to something different later. Although i really like how DWC works and Wesker is surprisingly fun to play. Reminds me of Toki from HnK with his teleport rushdown. LOL.


Yeah I think wesker dorm does a good job of making teleport mickle strong. Dark hole hits at the ranges you want o cross up from. My current team is weskerB thorB dormA. T hor allows forvanoter easy extension on any air combo turning even random launcher hits to big damage.

With dorm simple stuff like anti-airing with jump l to df+h+dark hole becomes much beter because you get free commas off it. Very cool.


I’m Wesker, Amaterasu, Akuma. Wesker is battery, Ammy & Akuma can do it all including kill their whole team. All their hyper combos work into each others’, especially Wesker’s qcf+aa into Ammy’s fireworks. Wesker’s modified B&B into Ammy’s qcf+aa = about 85% of a 1mil character.

Akuma is just killer damage and an amazing combo-extension, blockstring/rushdown assist (watch lvlup’s stream archive on youtube of jwong using it for rushdown with wolverine). Also, his hyper hadoken (the one where you hold down H to become a beam like Ryu’s) is the fastest startup for a beam in the game I believe. I punish assists in the air/fullscreen with Akuma, into Wesker, into Ammy. Potent stuff. Bottom line, at the start of the match if I hit you anywhere on screen with a magic series you’re in for 600k minimum + a mixup w/ wesky. Just gotta make those combo part of my hands.

But the little secret lies in the mixups you can do with Cold-shot. It’s disgustingly, dirtily amazing. The assist can keep your enemy pinned into more blockstring/mix-ups as well as zone if need be with akuma’s fireballs/super I’ll just leave this here: the first shot of coldshot does NOT combo into the last 9 I think the # is. There’s a one-shot tiny gap ^_^v I made a video and will upload it…

Mixup: [media=youtube]8KV9xBHYK9k[/media]
Combo: [media=youtube]Om5SD6IpmJU[/media]
You can see in the mixup vid this combo reached 1 milion, I believe you can take out one B attack in the first superjump chain and it’s more guaranteed.


I’m Rockin the same team right now. U gotta fill me in on any tricks you know, as I’m replacing deadpool with wesker and haven’t spent much time with the team yet. I find that the traditional zoning with deadpool is really strong, but not stronger than mixup and rushdown strategies currently.


i guess i’m the 3rd in this thread to rock this team… shit’s gonna be like the new santhrax/MSP

i love this team


im picking up the invincible iron man to have 2 points and akuma in the back with his godlike assist. so iron man in front with weskers samurai edge and the dhc after a combo to a fresh wesker with unibeam to hold someone in the corner or push them there while wesker is “teleporting” and flailing his gun around. and akumas assist for pressure of course. im kinda interested in chun in place of akuma, but i like having an achor character whose xfactor can rip a team apart if the right decisions are made. and iirc, chun has no otg moves. or a raging demon.


I run Wesker/Doom/Dante. I don’t know who to use to replace Dante. I picked this team simply because I felt attracted to these characters. I kinda get the feeling that Wesker should only use meter for his level 3. Wesker can put out hurt without meter.

One of the things I like to do is use Doom’s beam assist and then manual teleport either behind the opponent or above to try and get them to make a mistake on blocking. I haven’t found any unblockables (I learned what that was a couple days ago haha) with this team though.


I’m running Wesker/Storm/Dormammu right now. It’s really versatile, though I admit Dorm could be replaced pretty easily.

Storm’s projectile is perfect for teleport mixups, and Storm can use Wesker’s low shot assist with her float cancel to hit high and low at the same time at the drop of a hat. Wesker can use maximum spider and DHC into hail storm to punish anything.

Dorm is just all around strong. If he gets tagged in, he’s going to do damage. I’m not sure who I would replace with him. He comes in with 4+ meters usually and just has a very easy time making that do damage for him.

One very important thing is that all three characters can stall amazingly if they need to. Red health is very easy to heal with this team.


I’m running Wesker/Skrull/ Sentinel.

Sent’s drones assist helps greatly in setting up mixups with Wesker’s teleport and they all lead into massive damage. Skrull’s tenderizer assist holds the opponent in place for a really long time after a Samurai Edge OTG in the corner, which allows me to go into his level 3 or Maximum Wesker. Also, most of the supers used DHC fine into other supers, Maximum Wesker from any location DHCs fine into Skrull Torch, which in turn DHCs into Sent’s HSF.

tl;dr this team has synergy up the ass and there is no place on the screen that is safe.


just wondering if you could give some examples of OTG stuff you can do with dante and wesker. i am currently trying out dante and wesker but i was using dorm with dark hole assist. is it better to have a team with wesker that helps him do otg mixups or like just help him keep the pressure?



Wesker for the overall damage, Task can clean up with Arrow Hyper and Sent is the skill-less back-up when all else fails. I think I might switch Sent with Skrull since he’s more fun.


Running the same team with the same doom assist. I’m gonna start trying out hidden missiles but…damn, not having a projectile would kind of suck. If that happens I wonder if I should give some other character a shot (like magneto or something). Wesker/doom/Mag? I really don’t want to use Dante (just use him for jam session) but it’s too fucking good for OTG combos lol.

One thing I’m not too fond of on this team is I don’t think wesker’s assists really help doom at all if he’s in (dante’s jam session could I guess…). I’m still learning doom (and the game) so I guess time will tell how that goes.


I’m using Wesker-B/Hsien Ko-A/Trish-B

Wesker acts as a battery with mix ups as he uses Hsien’s pendulum as he teleports :h: for an overhead into another reset or :l: for a low combo into another reset. While I use Trish’s peekaboo during combos to setup a trap. I think Hsien is such a good character with her armor hyper combo, so I think I’ll use the meter for that and try to get a combo and DHC that into Trish’s Max Voltage hyper combo. I’ll use Trish for what she does best, zoning people :stuck_out_tongue:


I too am running a wesker/sentinal/dante team haha… a good otg i found with wesk and dante corridor assist is

magic series> (ghost butterfly) > S > j. M > j. M > j. H > j. S > a.2 dante assist > samurai shot dwnfwd > (maximum wesker)

(optional) and it works midscreen sometimes as well


Yeah that goes straight into Wesker’s level 3 as well which is why it’s so damn dangerous. Works anywhere on screen just gotta dash up midscreen.

I found a way to do the same with Akuma on assist. Basically use the same ender and wait for the tatsu to finish in the corner then do level 3, or if midscreen dash in, call akuma and shoot at the same time then either cancel the shot into C teleport or just do an A teleport then do level 3 straight away. On sent it seems much harder to get the 3 hits of akuma’s tatsu assist though, I find you gotta wavedash right next to him when hes on the ground, push shot and then akuma assist a very tiny amount of frames after rather than pressing it together.

Kinda having a couple fun team with Zero/Wesker/Akuma and Wesker/Storm/Akuma (not my main teams) but damn yeah Wesker/Dante/Sent is definitely one of the best teams out right now.


Forgot to mention drone assist then qcf. L to the magic series so you can use both sent and dantes assist in one combo.

I agree, WSD are soo good already by themselves, but their assists makes them have better synergy overall