Any war machine players



Anyone play Wm? cause i just picked him up and been playing with him Im/sent and he is a sleeper to me aka a beast … i just wanted to get rushdown input from a well devoted Wm player… please school me with info my ears are open…


yes it is very hard to rush down wit wm…just dash in lk. lk. hp d/f…and use a lot of smartbombs…always use…his anti-air special…


yeah i already know the basics with him because i use iroman like crazy, anyway back too wm. i just need advance tatics with him. where is jullious or any serious wm players at…


i would usually play him almost like im with good assist i.e. sents rocket punch. And do a lot of mix up like iron man but be very cautious because he takes a shit load of damage compared to im. Try im, doom, wm see how you like that tea:rock: