Any way to change ID?

Is there any way that you can change your ID? I know that there is your e-mail with PSN, then your account name for the PS3 (the name you used when you set up the PS3), but what about your personal ID (aka PSN)?

The only thing that I can think of is to use another e-mail.

That’s your only option.

No, you can’t change your PSN Id. The only way to get a new one is to make a new account and sign up for PSN agian. It’s not that bad but it kinda sucks in games where you lose a lot of the things you gain like R6V or CoD4. Comes in handy in games like R:FoM though. I’ve made several names this way. Also if you get banned from a game server like Warhakws or R:FoM’s all you have to do is make a new PSN ID and you can get back on.