Any way to count dualshock 3 d-pad as analogue on pc?

Well I’ve been using a dualshock 3 for playing fighting games on the pc but have noticed that quite a few doujin games ony seem to recognise the analogue stick rather then the d-pad.

Does anyone know of any program to allow me to either trick the pc into thinking the d-pad is a analogue stick or to map the keyboard buttons onto the controller?

Thanks for any answers.

(btw. I’m using the gamesaike sixaxis driver to run the controller atm if that makes any difference)

As far as getting the PC to read D pad as x/y axis… no. I wrestled that bear before and it will never work. You can, however… set your controller to keyboard functions. You can use joy2key… which is okay but a little bulky for my taste. or you can use Xpadder… which I think is a little more efficient in it’s execution.

Actually, Xpadder will let you set the analog sticks/d-pad to mouse movements and mouse clicks.

Thanks, just downloading joytokey now since it’s free, from the looks of it should work fine.:lovin: