Any way to fix blown out speakers?

I just purchased a 32" crt tv on Craigslist. Everything is perfect except for the speakers. I didn’t notice anything at first because I was using the tv at low volume, but when I started up my Dreamcast, music from the start-up screen (lots of bass) showed the tv’s flaw. The speakers kinda just crackle a little while the music plays.

So, I was wondering if there was anyway to fix this, whether it be a tweaking something in the tv, a speaker replacement, or whatever.

first open the tv and take the speakers out.
see the wattage rating and buysome

magnetically sheilded speakers

these wont fuck up you tv and warp it… if you get magnetic ones itlll mess up pretty fast

when you open the tv should be able to just replace them with a little solder.

Ahh I see. Thanks a lot Dj. I guess I’ll open the damn thing up some other day. I was hoping I’d be able to do some kind of a quick fix/tweak.

P.S. Any estimates on how much said speakers would cost?

about 50$ for a really good pair I say, I would imagine car speakers would fit in there nicely…if your power outputs are up to the task…

personaly, i would take the easy way out and hook a system to your tv, you can buy a really nice sound system for under 200$ these days, or you can assemble you’re own for under 150$ easily. All you need is a receiver with propper audio jacks, you might have to watch tv through your vcr, but you got a tv for cheap, how can you complain.

and if you want the super cheap but super effective way out; buy these and hook it up to an audio out jack. I used something similar for years and its awesome.

Heh, I don’t have much money atm, so the sound system is kinda out of the question, though the logitech you linked me is a good price. The only thing I would have to do is make room for it.