Any way to get cammy pre order costume?



Since store opened i thought they were going to release the costume to buy, but it was only the story mode costume that just isn’t that great,

anybody know if i buy the season pass, or at some point can buy the costume with $, now i know i could go on ebay and buy the costume for 50 bux but im cool with that, but i was contemplating season pass.


You can’t buy premium costumes until there is Zenny. Capcom I’m sure is working on it because they want to make money. I think with all the server issues they are having, they are reluctant to start working with online purchases.


Well, if anyone is willing to sell theirs, you know who to talk to.




I’m a PC Cammy main, I pre-ordered for PS4 just to get the code. However it was only for the Playstation Network specifically and I can’t use it in game on PC. Very disappointed, I wanted that costume so badly. The costume that Maximilian has for Cammy is actually my code that I gave him, since I couldn’t use it and I appreciate his streaming efforts. I really hope they put it up for Zenny soon. Feel left out as a PC player.


Don’t worry, when Zenny comes out you can buy all the Battle costumes.


yeah it should come pretty soon. i don’t think it’ll be more than a week or two at most (i assume getting their cash shop working is 100% top priority lol) but who knows.