Any way to get Microsoft or Capcom to ban cheaters in GFWL?


This dude Kaxblastard is like 7k PP and not very good. I remember months ago he woudl just disconnect completely after losing the 1st round, and now he has some kind of cheat that allows him to force lag at the first sign of hardship

Wrote a report about him and I’ve seen plenty of other people complain about this guy but no action taken…what the heck??


more about this dude:


Microsoft doesn’t give a flying shit about GFWL believe me.

Aliktea is the europe representative of that fag. Almost


Also inb4 he responds to this topic calling himself a god while some others come to fanboy him by calling him a troll master.


well…this is why the japanese don’t care about online and why if they want competition …they go to arcades so bs antics that occur online are completely avoided.

moral of the story.
the West needs to wake up from the nightmare that is online play & get our much needed arcades back.


Who will fund them? I’d love to get more Arcades out there but the simple fact is most people today don’t want to leave their house and drive somewhere (you have to drive, it’s america) to play video games when they can sit on their couch and play their video games on their tv without having to deal with anyone they don’t want to deal with, they have their own food, drugs, entertainment, lack of dress code, etc

The arcade experience is the #1 way to level up - but it’s just not something you can have in every major city in America, we are too spaced out and too introverted as a society to bring them back. This is why going to weekly events near you are so important, check out the Regional Matchmaking forum.


Maybe he’s on downers and needs thing more his speed?


Just played kaxblastard, match was going fine, suddenly some horrible lag, he does guy’s U2 on my wakeup (while I was mashing dp).


Uh, sort of. A lot of the Japanese play online a shitton. Same with the Koreans.

Best solution? Play offline, and play online, and just… don’t play those guys?

It’s really sad though that someone would do that shit, right? lol human beings man, fuck, they never cease to disappoint. Like, I never ban Gill in 3SOE because who the fuck is going to come in and pick Gill and waste everyone’s time? But, sure enough, half a dozen times I’ve had a full eight man lobby going and some dickface whom one of my friends or I just stomped on decides to run it back with Gill. Depressing. Have to admit it’s pretty satisfying beating a salty Gill player who doesn’t block, especially if you KKZ his Resurrection lol


I fought against a Dudley Player who found some way to swap Ultras. When the match starts, it shows that he picked Ultra 1 but in the game the Ultra meter is purple. Bizarre.


Basically if I get the idea that the other dude is cheat… I just quit… even if I’m up a round and he doesn’t start lagging shit til then… I leave immediately. The only reasons to play online are to learn and/or have fun… and cheating bitches don’t help with either.

Had a couple of them try to send trash after like “Way to run away”… I normally just block em… but occasionally respond along the lines of “sorry… bit busy… need to play some street fighter… let me know if you one day feel comfortable doing that and we can have some matches”.


In theory this kind of thing is outside of their bounds and should be handled by Capcom. It seems pretty reasonable to me to allow people to out ragequitters (videos?) and nuke their stats if found out. That’d stop this bullshit pretty quickly.


That is really pathetic…


I logged in to say this,

I’ve experienced this shiz and i got so pissed, i was like THE FCK!?!??!



I’m going to start a playlist for lagswitchers on PC.


what the fuck did I just watch…


You guy should bring this shit to Capcom’s attention and ask them about it. I may know the right people at MSFT - a lot of the XBLA world people came from my old team - but – it’s Capcom that should have the power to just NULL their rankings and have them crawl back to the sewer they came from. Just nuking their stats would likely curb this.


Going to do just that.


What a fucking douchebag. How can someone even get fun out of this shit, i mean he spent at least 200 hours perfecting his skills of jump in hk sweep.
Fucking twat kax.


funny shit

my question, why put your self through this shit?


Hey, I didn’t know he was that type. I’m the type that’ll finish a ranked match no matter what.