Any way to output ASUS Monitor signal to a TV?


I was wondering if I can display the PS3’s signal on both the ASUS monitor along with a standard HDTV, so everyone in the room can see the match instead of crowding around a monitor. This is at my friend’s house and I was thinking of new ways to present our games when we play everything. I have the ASUS VH236H and all the cables that came with it. Audio shouldn’t be a problem since the monitor is loud enough to me. Just having the video signal on both the TV and monitor would be good enough.


Get a splitter from Powered if the tv is going to be far from the monitor/ps3. (depending on what you are connecting them with will determine distance.


You gotta remember it’s PS3 so it has hdcp. You need something that will bypass it. 2 output splitter will most likely not work. The 4x2 matrix switch works on the other hand. And yes, I got mine from monoprice as well. Great site to buy from!


We’re using a 6 foot HDMI so I don’t think I should need a powered one. Do you guys have a link to the specific one I need? :slight_smile:



Link? Take your PICK


That’s not true at all. Splitters can be HDCP compliant; provided that the endpoints are all compliant, everything works.

A simple 1x2 powered splitter is all that’s necessary. Monoprice 1x2 splitter is exactly what you need. Powered is necessary, because the unpowered ones are out of spec and won’t work (they break on the handshake, which is sometimes recoverable but def. not with HDCP; some of the newer ones are actually powered on the line, but they’re unreliable and still definitely not recommended). A powered 1x2 will do audio and video for you and you’ll be golden.


I love monoprice… wish I got my splitter there in the first place… radio shack splitter works as well though.

cat not bought on monoprice BTW

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Doesn’t PS3 already have multi-out mode? So, if you got the Sony component cables, you could just use those to output to the HDTV and the HDMI cable to the monitor. No need for a splitter.


That’s for audio, not video.