Any way to redeem Xbox Live Gold KI for PC WITHOUT console?


Hi there.

I owned an Xbox One but sold it a few months back. I still have a 1 month Xbox live gold membership and want to buy Killer Instinct Ultra Edition within this Xbox membership since it is supposed to be crossplay AND crossbuy on PC and Xbox one.
Due to SF-V I want the PC version of KI, too.

First Question: Is there a way to redeem the Xbox Live Gold membership and to BUY the game / the license without an acutal console at hand ?
Second Question: is it really cross buy, since in my understanding KI will be released on Windows 10 PC with Season 3 as minimum edition (whereas the xbox edition within xbox live gold would be season 1).

Anybody can help me with this ? thanks in advance.



From my understanding, all you need to do is integrate your live account with Windows 10 and all the crossplay compatible stuff should carry over.


To answer Q1: Couldn’t you just redeem your membership on the xbox website then get KI from the marketplace on the website?


You can purchase it on the Marketplace

And anything you buy on or on the system will transfer over to PC when it’s available


All assets collects in KI on XBONE is also available on the PC on Window 10.