Any way to tell the difference between a Sanwa & Seimitsu balltop?

And obviously, it’s not a bubbletop in question :smiley:

Just got an order from Lizard Lick for a set of yellow Seimitsu PS-14-GN buttons and a yellow Seimitsu LB-35 balltop. The problem is, they aren’t even remotely the same yellow. Not even a little. I understand color variations in plastics and all that, but these are dramatically different colors.

The buttons are clearly Seimitsu (that would be a hard one to screw up), but I’m wondering if perhaps I was sent a Sanwa balltop by mistake. Anyone know of an easy way to tell?

Sanwa is the less flat.
Seimitsu is the more flat.

Comparing the one I have to that, it’s definitely a Seimitsu. Crazy that the colors are that different. Even my wife noticed it when it was on the coffee table: “Why did you buy a different yellow for the buttons?”

Thanks, jdm!

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Sanwa and Seimitsu blue are like that where the colors are completely different. The blue balltop matches the Seimitsu buttons much better. They’re a completely different hue. Leave it to a woman to point that out. That sounds like something I would hear after laboring for hours to get everything perfect.

I find that in general the Sanwa colors seem to be more saturated – deeper shades than the Seimitsu’s.

Seimitsu colors definitely tend to look flatter and lighter than their Seimitsu counterparts. Same case with a lot of the Hori stock parts, too. Hori and Seimitsu shades seem to be closer than Hori and Sanwa shades.

I dunno… There are definitely things I like better between the companies. Sanwa reds definitely look better to me! On the other hand, the bubbletops and Pearl buttons look nice, too.

Makes it tough when you’re trying to build an all Seimitsu stick that the colors don’t match. :slight_smile:

Yeah I learned the hard way when I bought red seimitsu buttons and a red sanwa balltop.